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Food in USA is diverse. There are different people living in different locations of USA and consumes different types of food. When planning to visit the USA next season, ensure to enjoy the many varieties of tasty dishes available from its diverse geographies. Travelling to the USA has been made easy for frequent visitors. One only needs to register with the VISA Waiver Program. 

Under this program, travelers are required to apply for an authorized Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) which allows them to travel to the US without a VISA. This article provides information on the different varieties of food in USA for a visitor to experience their great taste as explained in the following paragraphs;

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Deep Dish Pizza
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Deep Dish Pizza
While in USA, ensure to visit the Upper Midwest which is well known for its huge cornfields and raw materials for cooking rather than the final product. Deep Dish Pizza is one of the delicious treats known to have been consumed for many years by visitors to USA. Many visitors to USA love it because it is a special food of its own;

· It is a hybrid of old American traditional recipes for pie and served all over the Midwest. 
· It is prepared by setting it in a deep rounded pan then baked inside an oven until bubbling hot. 
· It is thick and hot when served 
· It is the only variety of American style pizza that can be consumed using a knife and fork.
Experience the joy of having this food with a pint of beer together with your friends.

Cold Fish: Fresh water fish is available for visitors and natives in USA. One can experience the joy of having the best of this food when taken with a pint of beer under a good conservation.
While in the USA, it is worthy to visit the Milwaukee area in the Midwest and catch a slice of this Americana at work. Mexican food while in the USA ensure to experience a variety of available Mexican food in the southwest, the boards state and in the major cities. Some of the tasty Mexican food includes;

Marinated Burritos: also known as fried pork, Beef or fish tacos, Enchiladas, Chile’s rellenos, Chicken with a special sauce Tamales among others. It is worthy trying to experience the many varieties of these Mexican foods while in the USA.

Hamburgers: The best burgers in USA come from In - N - Out Burger. This is a simple and a super tasty burger found in California, Arizona and Nevada. One can experience different types of burgers at Original Tommy’s in California which makes the place special including;
The greasy chili burgers the chili cheese fries Turkey burger Bison burger

Your trip to USA next season will give you the best experience of different varieties of food available. With a large number of food selection, one will never regret their visit to USA when choosing what to take for a meal. For this trip, prepare yourself to experience the joy of having a variety of food available in USA. 
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