Dress Like Chris Pine Without Spending A Ton

Chris Pine’s face and body have been melting hearts and minds ever since his star debut in the reboot of Star Trek. Off the movie sets, he keeps his look clean cut and elegant, and (almost) never scruffy. Want to know the secrets to looking like him? Read on for our tips.

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Dress Like Chris Pine
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  • Consistency is key. Although Chris Pine is often spotted on the red carpet in natty suits, he tends to stay with a few key designers. Pine seems to be a bit of a Ralph Lauren fanboy (or he’s getting to borrow the suits for free) - many of his red carpet suits are from Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label, a higher end of the designer’s suits. He seems to be single-handedly reviving the classic three-piece suit. The signature of this line are luxurious fabrics, combined with impeccable tailoring and classic cuts. Pine always looks relaxed and comfortable in these suits, but most people will not be able to afford over $3000 for a single jacket, let alone an entire suit. If you want the same style, check out Ralph Lauren’s lower-end brands for something more affordable. You can get the same look for much cheaper at discount designer places like Bluefly.
  • Informalize your suit with jeans. Keep the blazer and the tie. Chris Pine gets away with the informal look of blazer and jeans with two tricks: he wears really nice, expensive jeans, and he keeps the shoes on the casual side. They are not loafers, but they’re not sneakers, either.
  • Keep it monochrome but not boring. Chris Pine loves to wear one color, such as black or blue, head-to-toe. How does he keep this sort of look from making him disappear? He accomplishes this by breaking it up. He uses different shades of the same color throughout the outfit, along with different textures. In one outfit, he wore a dark blue shirt (leaving a few buttons strategically open), with a lighter blue blazer, and jeans that are darker than his shirt, and no socks with his loafers. The best part is you can easily copy this look just by getting everything at a department store like Kohl’s.
  • Sometimes, retro classics are the best. Chris Pine admits to a weakness for Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers, and we have to admit to sympathy for this weakness. Luckily, Converse sneakers will go with just about anything casual, whether it’s jeans, shorts, or t-shirts. They are a great way to make a statement without going overboard, and they are available at department stores like Nordstrom.
  • When going casual, you can’t go wrong with buttoned-up shirts and jeans. Chris Pine is just not a jeans and casual t-shirt kind of guy. When he is out on his own, and off the red carpets and movie sets, he likes to wear loose button shirts and well-fitting jeans. He loves to play with color and patterns, and he isn’t afraid of plaid. If it’s chilling, he likes to throw on cozy cardigans over his shirts.
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