How to Create the Perfect Party

Everyone loves a great party. If you love to entertain people, then you are probably always looking for new ways to throw a party. What is the best way to serve drinks to your guests? How do you organize your space in the kitchen? How can you be a gracious host, without having to spend your entire party cooped up in the kitchen? Here are some tips that will help you be the perfect party host.

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How to Create the Perfect Party
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Set up a bar
Nothing will impress your guests more than a fully stocked bar. You can take your island, countertop, or kitchen table and turn it into a mini cocktail bar. Your guests can serve themselves, or you can get someone else to do the serving for you. Be sure to have your cocktail bar basics available like ice buckets, serving glasses, and miscellaneous drink ingredients like limes, lemons, salt, cherries, and umbrellas.

Prepare a signature drink
Speaking of setting up a cocktail bar... Creating a signature drink will give people a reason to visit your bar. Your drink can be inspired by the theme of your party, a season, or a holiday. For example, if you were creating a going away party for a friend, you may want to do a Caribbean sunset theme complete with a Malibu Bay Breeze, a drink made with cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and coconut rum. If you’re organizing an end of the year holiday celebration, try a spicy spiked punch to keep your guests buzzing. Also be sure to create a non-alcohol drink for your guests who are designated drivers.

Create an amazing menu
Similar to your drinks, your party menu should be planned around a theme, holiday, or season. Do you plan on serving appetizers, a main course, as well as dessert? That means a lot of planning around the use of the oven. Have you ever had to warm up appetizers as well as cook meats and other items that seem to take forever in the oven? You may have tried to cook your appetizers and meats in the same oven, which lead to overcooked appetizers and an undercooked meat. If you had a double wall oven you would never have to worry about cooking items at an even temperature again.

The top portion of your double wall oven can be used throughout the party to keep your appetizers warm. The bottom oven will allow your meats to cook at the desired time and temperature. This is a particularly great investment for those who like to entertain during the holidays. Appetizers and desserts can be concentrated in one oven while the turkey can cook for an uninterrupted 6 hours.

Creating the perfect party really depends on how you want your guests to feel once they leave your home. This requires some creativity and a bit of imagination on your part. Hopefully when it is all said and done, this list will provide you with a few simple ways to get your own ideas flowing for your party.
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