Cape Malay Cuisine: Taste of Culture & History

The Cape Malay community is an ethnic community living in South Africa with its origins being Southeast Asia, mostly Indonesia.  A delicious combination of Asian, African and European flavors, Cape Malay cuisine is seasoned with history, influenced by culture and full of mouth watering spices.  Since its origin, Cape Malay cooking has changed over the years to adapt to the local South African preferences and ingredient availability.

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Cape Malay Cuisine
Geel rys, which is yellow rice, prepared with cinnamon, saffron and raisins, offers a delightful dish to the aromatic flavours of bredie lamb casseroles.   Unique tamarind soured curries with crayfish are served with roti breads.  No traditional Cape Malay meal is complete without its condiments ranging from sambals to atjars and fiery blatjang chutneys.
Cape Malay Cuisine
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The Cape Malay cuisine also offers the sweet-toothed taster a treat, which are the oval, coconut rolled koesister fritters as well as the rose water rice pudding called kolwadjik.  For the best Cape Malay dining experience, it is recommended to visit one of Cape Town’s restaurants as meals here are represented in the traditional way.

Cape Malay Foodmarket in Cape Town
The Cape Malay Foodmarket at De Waterkant in Cape Town offers visitors an interesting introduction to the delicious world of Cape Malay meals.  Traditional dishes on the extensive menu list include, amongst others, Cape Malay Platters (with chicken mince, daltjies), Samoosas, a Cape Malay Boeber as well as various Curries with lamb, chicken, seafood, butterbean and lentil.  Sugarbeans Bredie and Steak Mince Kebab are also served here.
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Cape Malay Cooking Safari
A Cape Malay Cooking Safari is also offered in Cape Town which includes an informative guided walking tour of historical heart of the Bo-Kaap with an accredited tour guide, the entrance fee to the Bo-Kaap Museum, a cooking workshop and demonstration, the full course traditional meal and a small gift.
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Cape Malay Cultural Tour
Travellers visiting Cape Town also have the opportunity to participate in the Cape Malay Cultural Tour where they discover the cultural heritage of Cape Town on a 4-hour city tour, which is led by an expert guide.  Being the oldest city in the country, Cape Town is home to a culture, which draws on its colonial heritage and influences from its immigrant communities such as the Cape Malays.

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During the Cape Malay Cutural Tour, visitors get to know the Bo-Kaap, which is also known as the Malay Quarter.  A visit to the Bo-Kaap Museum is also included as well as a walk through the streets of the neighbouring city centre itself.  This unique cultural tour through Cape Town concludes with a traditional South African meal at a private local home.

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