Fantastic Dessert Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

Whether you're baking for a special occasion or a mid-week treat, there are so many delicious desserts to choose from. Children particularly like to try a wide range of sweet treats and can even enjoy lending a hand to make them.

Baking with children can be lots of fun, and happy memories of stirring the mixture can stay with them a lifetime. Getting the kids involved in making dessert can encourage them to try new things and develop an interest in food. From squishy chocolate cakes to trays of oat flapjacks, everyone loves a good pudding and whether you're cooking with children or for them, lots of yummy recipes are available
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Fantastic Dessert Recipes That Your Kids Will Love
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Cupcakes are great for little ones, not only are they a handy size, they come in so many different flavours. A big swirl of buttercream on top of moist sponge is sure to delight to lucky recipient. There are many recipes available but all agree, if you use the very best ingredients, you get the best results. Good quality vanilla and Anchor butter makes for a wonderfully tasty buttercream and light, airy sponge.

For a fantastic dessert recipe that your kids will love try 
fairy cakes its delicious creamy frosting and buttercream are a big hit with children. The cakes are simple to make and looks amazing. It is perfect for a family celebration or special tea-time treat.

Victoria Sponge
Victoria Sponge is one of the simplest and least time consuming desserts out there. It’s one of the first desserts that many children help out with and also one of many people’s favourites. Now that summer’s here it’s also ideal for picnic season and great after some sandwiches and a cup of tea in the park. Other cakes like coconut cakes also go down a treat.

Gingerbread Biscuits
Gingerbread biscuits are a super dessert to put in children's lunch boxes. A batch can be whipped up in no time and stored in an air-tight container to be used throughout the week. Kiddies love to help decorate them too. A piping bag filled with royal icing and a bag of tiny sweets or raisins can bring the gingerbread to life.

Traditional Apple Pie
For the perfect end to a Sunday lunch try a traditional Apple Pie. Children (and grown-ups too) love the flaky buttery pastry and fruity middle of this classic dessert. Making pastry may strike fear into the heart of even the most competent cook, but if you follow the recipe, keep everything cool and use the very best ingredients, you can't go wrong.

Allow your creativity to flow and try a new recipe today; you'll be delighted with the results!
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