Enchanting Places for a Lovely Honeymoon

Getting engaged and also married can be an expensive affair. A lot of us would not be able to afford both a diamond Platinum engagement ring, and also a honeymoon, so we need to choose one or the other. If this is true with you, then we will show some of the perfect honeymoon scenarios if you choose to go on a honeymoon, rather than get an expensive engagement ring. There are many places that you can go to enjoy your first few weeks of married life together. The biggest problem you will have is deciding where you want to go!

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Enchanting Places for a Lovely Honeymoon
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        The Maldives
        The Seychelles

These are some of the most popular holiday destinations for both normal tourists, and also honeymooners. There are of course plenty of other places that you can go, and you should choose somewhere that both of you have always dreamed of going.

Thailand is a tropical paradise with scenic beaches and tropical jungles. There is a wide range of places that you can go to in Thailand, depending on if you prefer to stay in the resort and use the spa, or sun yourself on a beautiful beach. You can stay in 5 star luxury hotels, quite cheap compared to hotels and resorts in other countries. Imagine watching the sunset on a lonely beach, the two of you in a hammock, sipping on cocktails! As well as plenty of relaxing and pampering, there is plenty to see and do all over Thailand. Playing with baby tigers, seeing the elephants, and snorkelling through schools of fish, there is an abundance of beautiful wildlife here as well as majestic buildings and temples to explore. Thai food is some of the best in the world, especially if you like it spicy!
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The Maldives
Clear blue water, white sandy beaches, the Maldives are a picture perfect honeymoon destination. You will be able to relax in almost total isolation and enjoy the scenery in your first days of married life together. There is also plenty of attractions on offer when you feel you need to get out and experience things a little.
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        Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
        Local Excursions

There is plenty for you to do when you visit the Maldives. Or if you want to relax in the comfort of your own bungalow, then this is a great place to chill out.

The Seychelles
The previous two locations both have beautiful sandy beaches with clear blue water, and the Seychelles does also. You can do all of the normal water sports, island hopping and eating in fine restaurants on peaceful, and idyllic beaches. There are also plenty of golf courses here if you can persuade your blushing bride to join you for a quick 18 holes, or she can wait at the 19th for you! For something more romantic, you can hire bicycles and go for a tour alone, taking in the peaceful lifestyle and tranquillity as you explore.
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If hiking is more your thing, you can explore one of the many hiking trails that are abundant. If you want to go out one night and live the high rollers lifestyle, try and visit the casino and see how your luck fairs. Just make sure you don’t pawn your diamond and platinum engagement ring if you lose!

Dubai can be a bit of a contrast compared to the other destinations. It is a very new city with plenty of large and modern building. There is also total luxury and beautiful resorts to stay at. You can sit by the pool, on the beach, go skiing or snowboarding, the list goes on. A desert safari is also another popular attraction, and you can see camels and birds of prey while you traverse the sand dunes in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle.
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There are also plenty of air conditioned shopping malls that you can retreat to if the day time temperature is too hot for you. You can also take in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, when you are in Dubai. It is 828 meters tall. You can even stay in this wonderful building at the Amari Hotel. If you can afford to stay here though, you should not worry about the price of a diamond and platinum engagement ring for your fiance!

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