Building A Swimming Pool Mistakes That You Must Avoid

It's a fact that pool building is a complex process and costs a lot. But if you take your time to manage the building process yourself, you will get what you desire and the cost would substantially reduce. When you are ready to hire a swimming pool contractor, you will certainly get excited and wish that the project gets started so that you can take the first swim in the new pool. However, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration before reaching the point of hiring the contractor.

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Building A Swimming Pool Mistakes That You Must Avoid
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Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when building a pool

1 Failing to scrutinize the expertise of the swimming pool contractor you choose
Most people tend to pick any contractor without doing thorough research about their level of expertise. You should check if the contractors often get regular contracts or just wants to use your project as the learning platform. Ask if they have the relevant certifications and go through their website to see what past customers say about them.

2 Choosing a contractor based on cost-friendly factors
Failing to consider the maintenance cost of a pool after it is finished basically means condemning your pool to just an empty hole in the future. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional who offers high quality services at expensive rates than a contractor who charges less but uses low quality materials to build the pool; meaning high maintenance costs in the future. It is advisable to choose a contractor based on the value of their service rather than cost.

3 Putting too much emphasis on the looks
Most people tend to concentrate on the aesthetic appeal of the pool instead of the pool mechanics. You should never overlook things such as hydraulic design, pipe size, pump used, flow rates, chemical management systems, filter types and other elements that would keep your pool clean at all times.

4 Building a pool that is too large or too small
Building a larger pool that exceeds your budget or needs can bring a lot of problems. Every additional inch of the surface area increases evaporation as well as your monthly water bill. On the same note, more cubic foot of water would require more water supply and chemicals. The energy bills would also increase due to pumping. Therefore, you should settle on the right pool size according to your needs such as aquatic therapy pools. On the other hand, you won't like a pool that you just swim for two seconds to get to the other end.

5 Building the pool in an unsuitable location
Locating the pool in a wrong area can bring a lot of inconveniences such as a garden where a sinkhole can encroach on the swimming pool or where the water-table is closer to the surface. The pool should be located in areas with sufficient sun exposure. But if you hire an experienced swimming pool contractor, these factors would not be a problem as they will recommend the best pool orientation for you.

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