Best Funky Hampers For Your Wedding

When it comes to weddings these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the swirl of wedding magazines, wedding blogs, and the various other ways weddings are promoted through social media. The Internet is brimming with unique and quirky wedding ideas, each trying to outdo the other. Fortunately, the brunt of originality tends to fall on the happy couple rather than their esteemed guests.

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Best Funky Hampers For Your Wedding
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However, when attending the wedding of a close friend (or perhaps even close friends), the discerning guest might want to give a wedding gift a little more personal than, say, a new set of steak knives. But if you’re struggling to choose a gift, perhaps you ought to go with a hamper. Specifically, you ought to go with one of the following funky hamper suggestions:

If the happy couple are happily sweet-toothed, then perhaps a selection of confectionery might be to their, ahem, taste. There’s lots of scope within a sweet-based hamper:  you could get nostalgic and fill it with the soon-to-be-newlyweds’ favourite treats from when they were younger (do your research first, of course), or you could go a little more gourmet with upscale eats – luxury chocolates, for example.

Alternately, if either party to the partnership has an affection for sweets that aren’t available locally, you could show off your organisational skills by special-ordering some (or just asking a friend going abroad to bring some back for you) and putting everything together in time for the big day. Bonus friend points!

Wedding Hampers
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Home Brewing
Are the future life partners fans of making their own drinks? Or have they always expressed an interest in doing so? Then this may be the sort of hamper to give them. Stock the home brewing hamper full of the requisite brewing items – you can gear it towards a favourite beverage, be that beer, cider, or even wine. Who knows? In the future, you might even get a drink or two out of this particular investment!

As lovely as this suggestion may sound, it really only works if you know the couple really well. Rather than going with any sort of gastronomic theme, simply fill a hamper with all their favourite (mainly) food-y things – topping it off with a picture of the three of you, perhaps. This works especially well if you’ve got a signature dish of some kind that the couple love – if you make the best raisin biscuits, for example, make a batch and pop them into the hamper. Either way, you’ll probably have a whale of a time mixing and matching your friends’ favourite things – get as carried away as you like!

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Even if you’re not a fan of eating outdoors, an indoor picnic is still a wonderful treat (and arguably a practical one during unpredictable weather…). A slightly less personal (but still very customisable!) version of the previous suggestion; this allows you more free reign to mix in general picnic things with your friends’ favourites. They might even want to take your gift along with them on their honeymoon!

Are you attending an eco-friendly wedding? Want to show that you support the couple’s conscientiousness about the environment? Then this may be the perfect hamper to give them! Assemble it from recycled packaging (natch) and be sure to include ethically sourced food and other goodies when you’re filling it up. That way, you’ll be giving your friends a wonderful gift without adding to the carbon footprint of their wedding – what could be more perfect?
Got any other ideas for funky wedding gift hampers? I’d love to hear them – share them in the comments below.

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