5 Healthiest Foods for Your Baby During Pregnancy

Every expecting mother wants the best for her unborn child. One way to make sure your baby is healthy during pregnancy and beyond is to follow a healthy diet. While a diet high in all fruits and vegetables is ideal whether you are pregnant or not, there are some foods that have benefits that are especially helpful while you are pregnant. Read on to learn the five healthiest foods for your baby during pregnancy. For a more complete listing, consult your obstetrician. Daytona Beach has many qualified obstetricians who are able to provide nutrition advice.

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Foods for Your Baby During Pregnancy
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The first food we will discuss is the avocado. This fruit is packed full of folic acid that is essential for your baby’s brain and nervous system development. Avocados also contain high levels of vitamin C, B6 and potassium. Their high fat and calorie content has gained them a somewhat negative connotation in some circles, but it is a healthy type of fat that is good for you in moderation.

Most people either love or hate broccoli. No matter what opinion you have of this cruciferous vegetable, it has an abundance of vitamins and minerals that are extremely healthy for your baby’s development. Such benefits include: calcium for bone development, vitamin C and folic acid. Broccoli haters would be well advised to set their hatred aside for their baby’s sake and add broccoli to their daily diet.

Vitamin A is necessary for the healthy development of your baby’s eyes, teeth and bones. Carrots have an abundance of vitamin A, C and B6, so be sure to add a few carrots to your next salad.

This delicious tropical fruit is a great way to get vitamins A, C and K into your diet. You can add a mango into a salad or use it to make smoothies.

When it comes to minerals, there are few foods that will give you as many dietary benefits as nuts. Although the exact amount of vitamins and minerals vary between the different varieties of nuts, they are typically full of minerals such as magnesium, copper, selenium, manganese, calcium, potassium and zinc. Most nuts also contain high amounts of the vitally important vitamin E. Nuts are high in healthy fats and calories, so eat them in moderation. Using nuts as toppings and garnish for salads and other dishes will help you add them into your diet without going overboard.

These are just five of the healthiest foods that you should eat during pregnancy. You can learn more by contacting your obstetrician. Daytona Beach boasts many resources that will help you to develop a balanced diet to follow while you are pregnant.
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