What Would You Do If You Suspect Your Partner Is Having An Affair?

The Rise Of Infidelity
Many researchers have agreed that infidelity, especially female infidelity is rising. A 2011 study suggested that even though the rates if male adultery is still higher (20-30%) female infidelity id rising at a faster rate, to approximately 20% in that year. This study also indicated that those most likely to have an affair are individuals of a middle-upper class (22.3%) compared with those of a lower class (16%).

These individuals were more likely to be married than cohabiting, and in an employment position. For men, the main reason for committing adultery was recorded as sexual dissatisfaction (30% of those studied) whereas woman who committed adultery claimed that dissatisfaction in the relationship itself was the primary reason (32.7%)

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What Would You Do If You Suspect Your Partner Is Having An Affair?
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The Consequences Of Adultery
It is unsurprising that many affairs end in divorce. The deception and lies are often too much for a person to live with in a relationship, with the abuse of trust that is often reported as causing the most upset.  Many couples however are able to move on and save their relationship or marriage. Often these individuals seek counselling via a marriage counsellor, which is an option that is often highly successful. When children are involved however, the situation thickens; many couples stay together for the kid’s sake, but condemn themselves to an unhappy marriage, riddled with broken promises and painful memories. Overall, adultery is an awful occurrence for anyone to have to face alone; often people suffer for years unsure of their suspicions.

The Help Available
Many people in this situation feel they are on their own and are unaware that there is help available. Of course, speaking with the partner is the first approach anyone should take in this situation, however usually if an affair is established they are unlikely to make a full confession when questioned. Generally, cheating partners become defensive if asked about their suspicious behaviour; this is a natural defence mechanism that all humans subconsciously do when telling a lie.  Often the only approach at getting the truth is to catch them in the act, or obtain concrete evidence of their adultery. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a private investigator.

The amount of people who choose to hire a private investigator is increasing. The advantages of using a professional are endless; they are well trained, experienced, discreet and emotionally neutral. They also have instant access to state of the art technology that is used to document evidence. With many services of surveillance available, these individuals can offer you a tailor made investigation while you continue with your normal life. The services are specially developed to gain hidden information in many situations, including; vehicle tracking, mobile and static surveillance, the use of a polygraph machine (lie detector) hidden recording devices, and lots more.

If you have noticed a change in your partner, or just feel as is something is ‘up’ with them, then don’t delay in seeking assistance to get answers. Over 40% of all affairs are never discovered or confirmed, so just remember to follow your gut instinct and don’t suffer in silence alone.

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