Giving The Gift of Anything At All

We all know how hard it can be to give gifts. Finding a symbolic, practical and beautiful object to give to another person is fraught with the pitfalls of causing offense, giving the recipient something that they won't like at all, or the very worst, giving them something that you have given them before. You don't want to get too practical either. 

For instance, giving someone a dish cloth or a tube of toothpaste. Yes, you know that they'll use it, but really, isn't that something that they can get themselves? Giving a thing like that actually fails the brief of giving a gift. A gift is a gesture, a symbolic object that is supposed to give joy.

Giving The Gift of Anything At All
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The other thing about gift giving is that you can't get around it. You will have to give gifts, no matter what. That's why you should develop a strategy, something that you can fall back on when the time comes, rather than falling into a frustrated panic the day before the occasion. My strategy is the trusted old gift card planet. Yes, gift cards can be impersonal. 

That's why you should go to a place that sells Eftpos gift cards, where you can personalise the card and inscribe it with a message. That way your recipient will carry it round with them for a while.

Eftpos gift cards can be used anywhere as well, so you don't even have to worry about choosing an outlet with an appropriate location or brand. They can even buy toothpaste with it if they want.

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