3 Steps for Losing Weight without Losing yourself in the Process

When it comes to losing weight, there are lots of methods and diets all promising the moon and the stars. The problem with all of them is that they really work. This may sound strange but that is exactly the problem. Losing weight by itself is not very hard to accomplish, but if the underlying problem does not get solved the effects of the diets and exercise are temporary at best.

To solve the problem of being overweight, once and for all, what is needed is a complete change in lifestyle, and though that may sound like a pretty drastic move, it is not as hard as it sounds, but the trick is to do it naturally, without turning into something you are not. For this three vital steps need to be taken:

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3 Steps for Losing Weight without Losing yourself in the Process
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  • Preliminary exercise: This first step is required because in order to start we need to lose the weight we put on
  • Change in lifestyle: The second step in order to ensure the weight we lost will remain lost and won't come back again.
  • Permanent change: The final step to ensure the problem remains solved once and for all.

Preliminary exercise

Nobody likes being overweight. It is visually unattractive and ultimately health threatening. Most people do realise this, and that is why diets, appetite suppressors and the likes have become a business of their own. There are hundreds of diets to choose from, but the problem is that most of them are unhealthy to start with. Appetite suppressors are downright dangerous, therefore we will not be going in to them, as well as most of the diets being offered for losing weight. Instead I am going to introduce you to something I call common sense.

Let’s be blunt: If you are overweight, and there is no physical cause for it, there can only be two reasons for it. You either eat wrong, too much, or you don't exercise enough. However, most of the time the problem is caused by a combination of both. The only way to get rid of the executive fat is to simply start eating less, or more healthy food and to become more active.

Now, most people will start looking up their fitness club membership card, but that is not what I mean. Even though a good workout can do wonders for your health and appearance, it is not required to lose the excessive weight, in fact if you lose it that way, chances are it will only come back twice as fast, the minute you stop exercising. So, unless you plan on working out at the gym forever, that is not the way to go.  The proper way to go about it is to start working the exercising into your daily activities.

Instead of taking the car every time you need to go somewhere, ask yourself if it is really necessary. Couldn't you get there by foot or by bike? If the answer to this question is yes, then by all means take a walk to your destination, or bring out the old bicycle and get there by bike. Incorporate as much exercise like this into your daily routines, like going to work; buying groceries, you get the idea. Once you start doing that we have created an ideal situation to enter phase two to lose weight permanently.

Change in lifestyle

Now we have started to move, we need to take a good, long and honest look at our eating habits. What kind of food are you eating generally, how often do you go for a midnight snack. What do you drink?

Basically losing weight is not so much about what you eat, but it is about the balance: Do you burn the calories you take, because if you don't you know where it is going to end up. Like was stated at the start, we are not going to start a diet here, we are looking for permanent change, and therefore we must make sure what we eat is in tune with how active we are.

In other words make sure your breakfast, lunch and dinner has plenty of variation. At first, because you are attempting to lose excessive weight avoid fat food, cut out the midnight snacks and the most important part trade in coffee, beer and other beverages into water, just plain old water. Once you set things in motion like this you will notice the pound decreasing almost daily a first. This because started exercising more and are not used to it. Therefore you will burn more calories, while taking in less calories and you have cut down on fat food.

Permanent change

When the above is being executed, your excessive weight will start disappearing, like snow for the sun. And once you lost the weight, it is simply a matter of staying active, walking, riding bicycles and only a drive a car or take public transportation when you really have to.

When you combine this with healthy eating habits, a little snack, or some fat food once in a while won't hurt. And when you keep it up long enough it will become second nature and that is the point where change becomes permanent and you won't ever have to worry about losing weight ever again

And do keep in mind that once you are there, you did it without a gym, without crazy diets, even without dangerous health suppressors. You will owe it all to healthy living and common sense.

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