The World’s Coffee Cup Traditions

Coffee, which originated in Ethiopia in the 15th century, has traveled across the world and is now readily available pretty much everywhere. The type of coffee, its taste, its color and its recipe varies from country to country. Every country follows its own unique coffee culture. There is a whole paradise out there for coffee lovers! Coffee can be made in innumerable ways- hot coffee, cold coffee, mochas, lattes, cappuccino, frapuccino, caffe Americano, caffe mexicano and many, many more.

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The World's Coffee Cup Traditions
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  • You may be surprised to know that different countries who follow different traditions and coffee cultures also differ in the type of cups they use to serve coffee. Coffee accessories are now popular among coffee-lovers across the globe. Personalized coffee mugs, modern art printed mugs, coffee mug stands, holders, etc. are also available. Most coffee shops also provide small snacks such as cakes and biscuits to go with your caffeine-fix!
  • Coffee cups are available in different sizes and shapes according to the cultures of different countries and depending on the requirements of the coffee drinker. Different coffee cups such espresso coffee cups, insulated coffee cups, disposable coffee cups, ceramic coffee cups, travel coffee cups, round brim cylindrical cups, footed, etc. are all widely used.
  • The small sized espresso coffee cups are usually paired with saucers. Espresso coffee originated in Italy. The Italian people generally love to drink their espresso strong. So their coffee cups are small in size – otherwise their caffeine intake would be huge! Saucers and spoons are provided with cups to mix marshmallows and milk. Sometimes they also serve mini chocolates in saucers along with the coffee. Chocolate can also be blended with coffee to serve a different type of coffee, called ‘Mocha’.
  • Americans prefer to have coffee in large mugs. There is no proven reason behind it except the fact that Americans generally brew coffee in machines at home. So they are used to making large portions. Some Americans keep half the mugs empty to flavour coffee with whipped cream or their favorite toppings.
  • The latte coffee cups also have saucers and the cup size is small and round. The brim of latte cups are wide and round so that the latte art on the top is clearly visible.
  • The travel coffee cups are tall and have tops covered with lids to avoid spilling while travelling. Travel coffee cups designed for travelling are made of stainless steel and have a rubber-like trim which provides insulation to hands from hot coffee. This also helps to get a firm grip on the cup whilst on the move.
  • The Turkish coffee cups are extremely tiny and are called ‘Kallavi’. The cooking pot in which Turkish coffee is prepared is called a ‘Jezve’. This cooking pot is similar to the way Italians prepare their coffee.

The variation in the size of coffee cups in different countries shows an insight into their varied cultures and can be fascinating to learn about. Does your coffee taste and size match the country and culture that you are from?

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