Stylish Fashion Trends For Summer 2013

There are several reasons why we love the summer.  Naturally, the weather is one of the big reasons, but this factor also drives several others, with fashion and style being a huge one of them. With that in mind, we looked at the biggest and most popular trends that are going to keep you looking and feeling cool throughout the summer, ensuring that you turn heads for all the right reasons whatever you do, and wherever you go.

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Stylish Fashion Trends For Summer 2013
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Relaxed at Work

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the office when the air conditioning does not work – or the boss is trying to save money by keeping it switched off – the windows only open a little way, and the sun is beaming through the windows making life unbearable.

Thankfully, a number of fashion trends will help you to relax at work this summer.
Although they are traditionally seen as a popular Islamic clothing garment, kaftan dresses, and similar styles, will be worn by women everywhere in the coming months. Renowned for their comfort and functional nature, kaftan dresses will become one of the office staples of 2013.

Elsewhere, Bermuda shorts are a big step away from what one would consider to be traditional work attire, but is another trend set to be huge this year. Tailored versions, especially those in bright colors, will be popular, although if you are not feeling so brave you might want to try them out on ‘casual Friday’ before wearing them to next week’s boardroom meeting with the boss.

Monochrome Styling

Monochrome can sound awfully boring and one dimensional, but worn well it will look terrific on your shoulders this summer. The great thing about this trend is that it covers the whole body, so if you want to be subtle with your monochrome styling you can go for a simple pair of sunglasses or a bracelet. Ladies who do not mind going all out can have an oversized handbag, shorts, a dress, or even an ankle length jacket.

Monochrome Styling
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Floral Patterns

If you thought 2012 was a big year for floral patterns, then you have really seen nothing yet. At least last year the floral theme stuck to dresses and skirts, where you would expect to find them. This summer, floral patterns are set to find their way onto everything, meaning you could quite easily find yourself wearing a jacket, t-shirt, and jeans all adorned with floral detail. Okay, so that might be a little too much, and those looking to be more understated can go for hairpins or handbags with subtle detailing.

Got the Blues

Those of us who love blue colors often suffer in summer as it is perhaps the biggest winter color that there is. Thankfully, the fashion ‘powers that be’ have decided that blue is high on the agenda for 2013, meaning that you can wear your favorite shade in the office and on the beach over the coming months.

The best looks incorporating blue this summer will be those that match strong blues with paler tones, producing an ‘all blue’ look that appears as an exciting abstract work of art. Ensure you stay stylish in summer 2013, and follow the trends that are sure to keep you looking good at all times.

About the Author:

Aisha is a fashion designer who loves experimenting with popular designs and putting her own twists on them to create unique and desirable garments.