Small Garden Ideas

Having a small garden needn’t mean you can’t design your very own little slice of heaven.
There are many different tips and techniques which can help you to make the most of the space you have. Whether you have a small plot of garden, a patio area or even a balcony, you can always make the most of it and turn it into a space you can’t fail to enjoy.

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Small Garden Ideas
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Add a mirror or two

Mirrors reflect light, reflect space and create an illusion of space. Placing a large ornamental mirror on a wall can make your space seem oh so much larger and it looks very stylish too!

Take the winding path

When you have a small space, it is a neat little trick to draw the eye to different areas and make the space look bigger. So out with the straight lines and create yourself a winding path. Add a path between your borders, or a path that leads to a hidden space. Adding curves and bends will create interest and the illusion of space.

Home Grown Ideas

Just because you have a small space or garden does not mean you can’t enjoy your own home grown vegetables and herbs. Container gardening is very popular in small gardens and all you need is a container deep enough to allow root growth. You can also buy specially designed potato barrels if you fancy having a regular supply of potatoes. Herbs can easily be grown in any kind of well draining pot or on any window sill.

Home Grown Ideas
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Stack em!

Storage solutions need not only be saved for the indoors. A well placed garden plant stand will allow you to place your plants at different heights to add texture and interest. Plant stands come as single stands or as several shelves and in all different sizes.

Add a water feature…

Water features some in all sizes and all shapes and styles. They are also available as wall mounted too and this is great news if you are tight on space. Using walls is a great way of drawing the eye and making your garden feel like a real haven. Enjoying the relaxing effect of gently trickling water is a wonderful way to relax on a summer evening.

Light the mood

Again, with lighting, it is a great little trick of the trade to use your available wall space. There are many different lighting options for gardens of all descriptions. Tea lights, lanterns and oil burning lamps are all available and can be moved as and where necessary. They add atmosphere and ambience and make for a wonderful dinner party evening.


When you choose furniture for your outside space or small garden, choose designs which are of a light feel, colour and construction. Wicker or wire furniture is great for this as it allows light to pass through.

Finally… remember to pay attention to small details and to make the most of every corner. Add features such as painted walls, bright pots and intriguing ornaments to really make your space come alive.

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