Simple Steps To Everyday Beauty

Looking good doesn’t have to take a long time.  These daily beauty tips will fit into your regular beauty routine.  Try them today!

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Steps To Everyday Beauty
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1. Don’t skip the sunscreen
Sunscreen is our primary tool for preventing sunburns.  Sunburns may not seem like much but they are actually a significant form of skin damage.  The outer layers of skin are burned in the same way that they would be if you touched a hot stove on accident.  Repeated sunburn damages your skin’s texture and makes it look and feel leathery.  While some sun is good for you and necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D, you should avoid having too much of a good thing.  You can prevent sunburn and unwanted suntan by using a little bit of sunscreen each day.  There are several makeup products that have sun protection built in so you don’t have to add an extra product to your daily beauty routine.

2. Trim your nails after taking a bath or shower
The last time you got a professional manicure or pedicure, you might have noticed that the nail technician began the procedure by soaking your hands and feet in warm water.  Warm water softens the nails and makes them more flexible and thus less likely to break.  You can give yourself a salon-style treatment by trimming your fingernails after taking a shower.  If you have time trim the nail cuticles then file and buff your nails.  Nails that have been carefully trimmed and filed are less likely to catch and tear; they’ll look a lot better and be easier to paint, too.

3. Make your nails sparkle
Did you know you can dust shimmer powder on your fingernails while you’re waiting for them to dry?  Most women have some glitter or shimmery powder hanging out in their makeup case; now you can put it to use!  Nail polish will catch and hold any material that falls on it while it’s still wet.  Just sprinkle on a little of that sparkle, allow your nails to dry as usual, then add a layer of clear top coat to preserve the nail polish.

4. Don’t rush to rinse
You already know that’s important to use a cleanser at least once a day.  Do you also know that you should leave it on for a full sixty seconds before you rinse it off?  Many women rinse off their cleanser almost as soon as it’s on.  Just sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself a few times and you’ll be ready to go.

5. Play with your hair part
If you always part your hair the same way – down the center or off to one side – experiment with brushing it another way.  An asymmetrical part can add flair to an otherwise traditional look; a beautifully parted center creates a classically elegant look.

6. Give your eyes a boost
There are lots of easy beauty tips that you can use to make your eyes really stand out.  One of the easiest ways is to use Latisse to stimulate eyelash growth.  This product is intended for everyday use so you can add it to your daily beauty routine with no trouble.  Latisse gives new life to dull lashes and gives you exceptional results naturally.  This product has found a place in the daily beauty routine of millions of satisfied customers; you’ll love what it can do for you.

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