Multiple Cheater: How Surveillance Caught Out Infidelity

The Situation
A concerned woman came to the private investigator as she was concerned that her girlfriend of four years had been cheating on her. As this would not have been the first time the client had been cheated on by her partner, she was all the more worried that she had been playing away once again. With giving up her job and moving out of the family home for this relationship, the client had given up more than she ought to make the relationship work. With the discovery of marks on her girlfriend’s neck, the client became suspicious when the reason given was that of a burn mark from a curling iron. As the client was in full time employment she was unaware of the whereabouts of her unemployed partner the majority of the time.
 How Surveillance Caught Out Infidelity

Initial Steps
After the first meeting with the client the private detective suggested both a polygraph test and if further evidence was needed to use a method of surveillance placing hidden cameras around the client’s home. As the suspect was aware that her girlfriend had doubts about her loyalty she did not hesitate when asked to have a lie detector test. However, the test results showed that she had in fact been having a sexual relationship with not just one other person but with a multiple of other individuals. The results were not told to the suspect so that evidence could be gathered against her in order to show to the client just how many other people were involved and who they were.

Gathering Evidence
When the cameras were put into place the detective was able to view the footage that was gathered over the commencing week. After observing the tapes it was shocking to find that over the course of just a week there was five different individuals that came to the home of the client in which sexual contact was involved, including a male. This evidence was presented to the client who showed her suspicions to be correct. She also recognised a familiar individual from the footage that was shown to her. It was later discovered that it was in fact the client’s sister.

Case Solved
With this information the client decided to end her four year long relationship with her unfaithful partner. She also confronted her sister and has cut contact with her for the meantime with the intentions to resolve their issues at a later date. The client is now a lot happier finally knowing the truth about her affairs and is now concentrating on her career and herself before looking for love.

Other Cheaters Who Got Caught
One woman’s husband was caught in the act using surveillance after his wife suspected him of having an extramarital affair with a close friend and co-worker. Another man was suspected by his new girlfriend of lying about his past and returning to a former lover. The affair was discovered and confirmed when the woman contacted a private detective and they gained evidence of the infidelity using a polygraph test.

In a different case, a young woman was suspected of being unfaithful to her long term boyfriend with her best friend from childhood, a young man who was also close to the client. This individual was also found to be unfaithful by using surveillance.
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