Dressing Up Vs. Dressing Right: How To Fix Your Body Hang-ups With Fashion

Ladies,we need to stop comparing ourselves to what we see in photo shopped magazines and embrace our beautiful bodies, regardless of what shape or size you are.  It’s time to start enhancing what we like and feeling good about ourselves!

Everyone has different body hang ups but there are ways of dressing to make the most of your figure, regardless of the latest fashion.   The diet industry has tapped into our insecurities, don’t let them win!

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Dressing Up Vs. Dressing Right:
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If you don’t feel great about the way you look it affects your confidence, and feeling confident is the most important thing as it makes you feel more attractive.  The more attractive you feel the more confident; so break into the cycle by wearing the right clothes for you.
The key to dressing right, whatever your shape, is to wear great fitting clothes.  They do not have to be expensive by any means – just the right size!  This means no lumps, bumps or muffin tops.  Even the slimmest person wearing clothes too tight will have an unflattering silhouette.

Back To Basics
It all starts with the underwear.  Get measured by a professional bra fitting service, and wear the right size bra.  According to the Daily Mail, 80% of us are wearing the wrong size, and a quarter of women have NEVER had a bra fitting.
Invest in a streamline silhouette.  There are many underwear products available to help smooth and lift your curves; tights, slips, knickers, shorts.  All of these items help provide a good foundation to look great in your clothes.

Now you need to take a good hard look in the mirror, and pick at least 3 things that you really love about yourself.  These are the things you want to enhance.  Have you got lovely long legs?  Slim ankles?  A great cleavage?  Show them off!  Not all together, one at a time- you don’t want to have too much flesh on show!

Style It Out
Next have a think about what your style is.  You can incorporate the latest trends into your style, but if you have a ‘look’ it’s easy to dress in a way which will make your confidence shine.  Check out fashion magazines for inspiration and online fashion bloggers.  Once you have a picked a style you can pull your look together by adding simple pieces.
There are 4 different types of body shapes; apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle.  Knowing which one you fall into can really help you dress for your shape.  Some ideas:

Apple shapes should avoid short cut fitted tops that highlight your tummy.

Pear shapes can minimise the hip and thigh area by wearing dark coloured trousers and skirts.

Hourglass shapes can create focus up top by wearing thin straps, scoop neck or strapless tops.  These will broaden your shoulders and emphasise your hourglass silhouette.

Rectangle shapes when it comes to dressing your upper half, you’ll want to look for details that create curves by emphasizing your bust and narrowing your waist.

For the parts of the body that you are not over keen on, these are the parts to disguise.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that disguise means cover up in baggy clothes- this will draw more attention to them.  Think ‘streamline’.

Change Your Perception
If you still do not feel 100% confident because of your body issues, exercising will make you feel great and more toned.  If you are a little small up top, don’t think that you have to resort to surgery, there are creams, vitamins and herbal options for natural bust enhancement and it’s worth researching the options to find the right one for you.  Or just cheat with padding!

Have fun with your clothes and accentuate our best features.  You will be feeling body confident in no time. Do you have any tips for dressing to suit your shape?
Katy Lever
About the Author:

Katy Lever is an aspiring writer from Manchester.  She loves clothes and fashion. Being a rectangle shape makes the most of her figure by faking curves!  Feeling confident is key. She writes for Triactol.

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