Affordable Apartment Decor Ideas

Decorating your apartment can turn your place from merely a residence to a home; but that doesn't mean you need to break the bank in order to do so.  Here are some great money-saving decor tips for your apartment.

Before you start decorating or raiding every garage sale in a thirty mile radius, take a moment (or a few), to sit down and think about what you want for each room.  How do you want the room to feel?  What is the room used for?  An English-style pub won't be great decorations for a serene reading room.  Come up with a design plan for each room—it'll help give you an idea what to look for once you do make it to the garage sales.

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Affordable Apartment Decor Ideas
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Decorations are all about adjusting the feel of a room, about setting the ambiance you want to experience that will either make you cozy, relaxed, energized, social, or even hungry.  The first thing people experience, or notice, about a room is usually the light: whether your light is high-wattage or low; track, dome or can; incandescent, fluorescent, LED; etc.  Each one of these options changes the feel of the room and should be one of the first things you think about when making your design plan.

Bright lights are great for cooking, eating and entertaining and both high wattage fluorescent bulbs and LEDs (if you have enough of them) can create brightly lit rooms.  You can make cheap sconces or chandeliers for LEDs out of recycled glass bottles and some metal wire to tie them together and to hang it from the ceiling; white bottles work best but if you want to get something softer you can try amber and green; or mix the three.
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Floors play a big part in home decorating as, other than the ceiling, they have some of the biggest surface spaces and thus remain very effective in defining the mood.  You'll usually cover part of the floor with couches, sofas, chairs or a table but that still leaves much of the space available.  Carpet and hardwood and carpet serve their purpose in terms of comfort and aesthetic, respectfully, but to break up the monotony consider buying an area rug.  This rug can be used to bridge comfort and aesthetic and, like the colored lighting above, can change the feel of the room.

For instance, on a dark hardwood floor, a green or blue rug will feel more earthy and relaxed as opposed to a vibrant red or yellow—which are great colors for rooms geared more towards entertaining.  Garage sales are a great place to find cheap area rugs; they may need a good cleaning but that's still cheaper than buying new.  Garage sales are also great places to find furniture.  You can restore much of this furniture with a good polishing and some wood glue.  You can also make it your own by painting it to match the room.

Old and found items make for great, cheap decorating opportunities as they offer a challenge for your imagination, like Tetris: you've simply got to find its rightful place.  These items also offer great chances for you to make these items your own.  You don't need access to a band saw and a table planer for the coffee table idea you have, simply scrounge around for what's already out there and piece it together yourself.  Paint is a much underrated tool in this line of decorating; a fresh, colorful coat on wood, metal or even plastic can add great contrast and panache to a room with very, very little cost.
Apartment Decor Ideas
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Plants are fantastic additions to any room and can be purchased fairly cheaply.  Green plants not only liven up the room colorfully, they enliven the air of the room, acting as a natural filter.  There's also the added bonus of being able to add to your diet if you get plants that produce fruits, vegetables or spices.  Natural thyme, oregano and basil are superb plants for a kitchen window and keep you in delicious, fresh herbs all year round.   

Walls might seem a bit intimidating as they're generally what people think of when they think about decorating and design.  Shelves and using wall space for utility means—such as shelving books (obvious choice), records, beer bottle collections or even hanging a bike—has the benefit of being both a design and a function for your apartment, which only has so much space available.  Posters and tapestries are easy fixes for any barren walls and can be purchased or found, many record stores offer free promotional posters, too.

Paint, again, is a great cheap and easy solution; and with paint you also have the ability to customize the room my using different colors per different walls, applying with sponges or other textural devices, or creating lines, boxes and designs out of painter's tape. 

Decorating your apartment doesn't have to be hard; and it doesn't have to be expensive or abundant.  You don't need to needlessly clutter your apartment to make it your home.  You simply have to figure out what it is that makes you feel at home and from there your imagination will take over.
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