4 Tips For Thrifty Patio Decor

When times are tough a lot of people know they need to cut back. So they stop going to their favorite restaurants and cook at home instead. Or they only shop on the sale rack, or maybe they do not shop at all. Some people cancel all their non-essential subscriptions, like newspapers and magazines. But even if you are keeping a tight budget, you can still probably do some of the things that you want to, you just need to look for frugal ways to do them. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home, you may want to consider starting with the patio. Whether indoor or outdoor, it can be a great place to make some small investments with big impacts. Below are some tips for frugally redecorating your indoor or outdoor patio.

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4 Tips For Thrifty Patio Decor
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TIP #1 – Clean up.
Before you do anything else, give your patio a thorough cleaning. If it is indoors, this might mean putting away all of the magazines, books, mugs, and other things that tend to accumulate in a room that you are using to lounge and relax. If it is an outdoor patio, then you should power wash it to remove all the built up grime that can accumulate on the outside of homes and other places exposed to the elements. Put anything that does not belong away as well. Sometimes a thorough cleaning can make the room look completely different – and it is totally free to do!

TIP #2 – Add some plant life.
Whether you already have plants in your indoor or outdoor patio or these will be your first ones, adding some greenery is inexpensive, easy, and has a big impact. Not only will your patio look freshly spruced up, but the air will be cleaner, fresher, and healthier. Plants have been shown to have positive impacts on health, so consider this an investment in your house and your health. Head to your nearest nursery and pick out the ones that match your preferences and maintenance abilities.

TIP #3 – Find some new (to you) accessories.
Besides plants, there are always great, inexpensive accessories that you can add to your indoor or outdoor patio. Go shopping at places that have cheap, good stuff – thrift stores, flea markets, and even garage sales. You will find unique outdoor decor that falls low on the price spectrum. Plus, because the pieces you find will be used, it is also an eco-conscious way to shop. If you don’t want to leave your house, just check out eBay!

TIP #4 – Do some DIY décor projects.
There are so many crafty projects out there that you can do to redecorate your patio on the cheap, if you enjoy doing DIY projects. You can make some rustic “frames” with some branches and a glue gun to hang on the walls of an indoor patio. You can find some large, smooth stones and paint them with inspirational quotes or anything else that you would like. Use waterproof paint, though, if you are using these stones to decorate an outdoor patio. Make your own centerpiece for the coffee table by taking a pretty ceramic bowl and filling it with individually chosen, small, colorful stones.

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