Understanding Hormonal Acne Better

Understanding Hormonal Acne Better
As a young girl, I was informed about the particular stage in every woman’s life that I have to go through. I was told that bitchiness, cravings and cramps are all part of this stage and no girl is exempted. Hormonal acne is one of the most frustrating parts of this stage which needs hard work and positive attitude among other factors. It may occur every month no matter what you do and how well you escape. It does not really matter how good you are on your diet. It also does not matter if you are professional in handling all kinds of stress. When hormonal acne has to strike, it will. It definitely will.

Understanding Hormonal Acne Better
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Hormonal acne is not like the other kinds of acne. The most common kinds of acne are whiteheads, black heads and pimples. These kinds are the most commonly visible in our face. Hormonal acne is often seen along the jaw line, neck and chin. It is usually cystic with red and painful bumps which have tendency of becoming really big. These bumps can bring so much discomfort and frustration because it can get really hard to conceal them even with the most expensive make ups.

As hormones rise, stimulation of oil from the skin’s sebaceous glands will occur. This will then result to clogged pores and pimples. This is how hormonal acne works to give us stress every month. Speaking with an acne doctor in NYC can be helpful to fully understand hormonal acne. Eric Schweiger, M.D., a certified acne doctor has the best acne treatments for you.

There are actually endless solutions being offered today that promises to effectively help you with your acne problems. But though the solutions may be endless, not everything may be effective for your skin type. Choosing the best products requires an effort and we have to be very meticulous in trusting a product name or service that can really be helpful. We do not have to take the risk of shelling out a lot of cash for acne solutions that can satisfy us.

Understanding hormonal acne is something that can benefit most women. Having the knowledge about it can help in giving us the best solutions. After all, most of us have been warned and informed about this in our early years. It may be something that we have to accept but it can also be something that we can work on to avoid feeling negatively.

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