Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Most people hope to only get married once and so they want that wedding to be as unique as possible for their own memory, and, at the same time there is a degree of competition with ones peers.
In order to make your wedding truely remarkable, the couple will have to deal with hundreds of little decisions. A nice dress and good food are key things for a wedding, but they will not make the wedding remarkable, friends will not talk for years about the quality of the gravy served with dinner, to truely stand out you will need a venue which blows people's minds and expectations.
Choosing Your Wedding Venue
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The venue will set the mood for the wedding and only a location that is striking and special makes the occasion all the more momentous. So, which ever venue, you decide on, it needs to have 'a certain something' about it, which would certainly make your special day unforgettable. Too many people are lazy when choosing a wedding venue, they pick local venues they know about, they look at price only. In order to find the perfect venue it will be necessary to cast your net wider. Like many other aspects of a wedding, it is easier to define a list and work to that. Ad hoc decisions can look bad in the cold light of day

- Work out how much you can really afford to spend on a wedding venue, and stick with it. While the goal is to have a great day out and impress your friends and family, you don't want to be paying for it for the next ten years (especially when many couples split up well inside of this time period)
Wedding Venue
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- Guests are a tricky area for couples. There is a lot of pressure to invite everyone in the family, to allow family members to bring a guest, to allow friends to bring a guest and even, what is the policy on children being there. It would be nice to invite as many people as possible to the wedding but you need to remember that all of these people will need to be seated and fed at the reception. One popular idea is to have just family and friends at the wedding and meal and then have the plus one's invited to the party after. This may not please everyone but it's your special day and not theirs.

- Decide what kind of wedding you are having. If a traditional one you will need to make sure the venue matches, if a modern one then an alternative and cheaper venue will be fine.

- Consider the weather. Unless you know for certain it will be warm and sunny on the day of the wedding, it would be a brave couple to plan an outdoor wedding. Sure, they look nice if the sun is out, but if it's cold and raining you don't want to be walking down the aisle through puddles and guests don't want to be outside.
At the end of the day you will find that everyone has an opinion to offer you, and many of those opinions will be different to yours. Instead of running around trying to please people, make sure people know it's your day and it will go off as you choose.
Good luck!

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