Sure Fire Tips To Impress A Woman On Your First Date

For many men, dating can be a daunting task. This is especially the case if you are new to the whole relationship thing. Knowing how to act and what to say can make the difference between success and failure on a date. Getting things right on a first date can help to provide a platform for the second date and so on.

This blog post will take a look at some of the basics that you really should know before embarking on that all important first date.

Do Some Homework
The chances are that this won’t be just some random girl that you have met in the street. As a result there will be a good opportunity to do some investigation before the day of your date. Getting to know a little bit more about your potential girlfriend can help to smooth over the initial meeting.
Tips To Impress A Woman On Your First Date
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Many people find that turning to social media can help enormously in this area. Looking at her profile to work out what her likes and dislikes are will help you to know if she is more of an outdoors person or one that prefers the cinema. Hopefully you can gain some good information to allow for a head start in how to approach this first formalised meeting.

Guy Grooming
Don’t make the assumption that grooming only applies to the fairer sex. Getting this wrong is almost certain to curtail any hope you have of romance.

Taking time to make sure you have clean nails and your breath smells good is the least you should do for your new date. Furthermore, you should have a shower and wear some smart and freshly cleaned clothes. Typically these are the things that women tend to notice the most, especially on a first date.

Don’t Over Exaggerate
Some men have a habit of extending the truth a little, especially when they are put under pressure on a first date. In reality these embellishments are likely to bite you back in the future, so be very careful about the “stories” that you tell.

A classic here is for the man to claim that he owns a much better car than he really does. Tales of Rolls Royce’s and other prestigious models have been known to be uttered. The motto here is that unless you want to have to pay for Rolls Royce Phantom hire every time you go out then stick to telling her about the Ford Mondeo that you really do own.

A Small Gift
A great way to cement the first date is to buy her a small gift. It doesn’t have to be something particularly big or expensive. If you have carried out an element of research as suggested earlier then you will have a reasonable idea about what she might like.

Going overboard will tend to create issues for you at a later stage as she might recall the first date and compare other gifts to this one. Try not to put unwanted pressure on your bank account, especially if you have to keep some in reserve to cover the cost of that Rolls Royce Phantom hire.

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Jag is a writer who believes that you should always be honest on a first date. Therefore instead of telling her that you drive an expensive Rolls Royce, you should tell her about the real car that you own as this will save you having to find a Rolls Royce Phantom hire company each time that you meet her.

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