A Healthy Brain Is A Sharp Brain

It is not necessarily inevitable that we start to lose memory and brain function as we age. Most of the time the degeneration that causes short term memory loss, lack of concentration and loss of flexibility in thinking are caused by nutritional deficits and less oxygen getting to the brain as a result of many other health conditions. These conditions can be improved by giving the brain what it needs the most as it ages to keep it sharp and functioning at peak performance long into the golden years.

Exercise Your Brain As Well As Your Heart
A big contributing factor to mental decline is the slowing down of sufficient stimulation and mental exercise that the brain needs to keep building strong neural connections that will help keep it elastic and flexible. When we get into daily routines and ways of doing things, we tend to go into an auto-pilot mode where we don’t have to think much about what we are doing. Our responses are deeply learned and automatic.
Healthy Exercise
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When we act in this manner, our brains are not getting a workout to stay strong and quick. We need to challenge our thinking every day and feed our brain with what it needs mentally and biologically to keep it young. There are lots of mental exercises that are beneficial for improving the different functions that we typically see a decline in as we age. Visual puzzles, logic problems geometry based problem solving and reaction games can all contribute to a slowing of the decline that we can see in an unchallenged brain.

Real Brain Food Nourishes Your Mind
It is also necessary to make sure our brains are well nourished to maintain optimal functioning for years. A diet that is low in sugar, processed foods and animal proteins will be the least taxing to the brain and create the least amount of damaging free radicals. It is necessary to eat a highly plant based diet to get all the micronutrients and phytochemicals that are essential for healthy brain function. It is also necessary to have the maximum oxygen flow to the brain to keep performance at peak levels.

When we can improve circulation overall in the body, we also improve circulation to the brain, bringing oxygen rich blood cells to the places where they will do the most good. There are supplements that have been proven to help with improving circulation to the brain and had been directly linked to improved mental function. If it is possible to keep our wits about us as we get older, we should do everything we can to make it happen.

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