The Importance Of Filtration In The Food Industry

The Importance Of Filtration In The Food Industry
Filtration is part of many industrial processes and plays an important role in many different industries.  Without different machines and processes designed to filter out impurities, the food industry would be in quite the mess, if there were any industry left.  The importance of filtration in the food industry can be seen in several different areas.

The number one consideration for filtration in the food industry has to be safety.  According to, the equipment used for filtration in the food and beverage industry has to be able to work in a state of complete cleanliness at all times.  The equipment itself must be easy to clean and all of the internal elements like bag filter housing and other filters must always be in optimum condition.
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While the filtration equipment involved in the food industry doesn’t normally have to go through as much as the equipment in other industries, it’s still imperative that it functions at a high level.  Food items that have been created with faulty filtration equipment may pose a danger to the health of consumers.  And if consumers become ill or worse from eating a company’s food products, lawsuits are sure to follow.

Faulty filtration will also affect the quality of the food or beverages.  There is an exact process that the various machines are set to go through and if those specifications are altered in the filtration, that batch or run may be inferior to what it is normally.

If they are lucky, the company’s quality control team will detect the problem before the product gets out the door.  If they aren’t, the shipments will be sent out and a poor quality product will end up in the consumer’s shopping carts.

Refunds, complaints, customers switching to competitors and a general blow to the reputation are a few of the issues a company might face if filtration problems affect quality.

Some examples of how strainers, cartridge filters, bag filters and bag filter housing are used to filter products include:
  • Processing oils and fat from plants and animal sources.
  • Manufacturing cereals and other grain products.
  • Production of bread, sugar and confectionery.
  • Processing coffee and tea.
  • Processing of various types of beverages.
Just about any packaged or bottled product you can think of must go through some form of filtration before the finished product meets quality and safety standards and is ready to move out the door.

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