Tile Shower Pan Kit: Why It's The Best Shower Floor Option


Tile Shower Pan Kit

Whether you are contemplating on remodeling your bathroom or constructing a new one, one of the more immediate considerations to keep in mind is your shower floor. You may be predisposed to tiling your shower floor instead of using a pre-fabricated shower pan because of aesthetic reasons; but you don't want to go through the hassle of constructing a mortar shower floor plan. In this case, using a tile shower pan kit is the obvious solution to this dilemma. Here are some other benefits of using this innovative shower floor solution:

Ensures Shower Base Strength

Shower bases have to have the strength and stiffness to make it compatible with tiled shower floor construction. Otherwise, the onslaught of hot water on a cold tile floor as well as the constant pressure on the floor will make the tiles crack easily. Using a tile shower pan kit ensures that you're using a shower base that's stiff and rigid enough so that you'll be less likely to have to face the common problem of cracks.

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Fast Installation

Another advantage of using a tile shower pan is that you or your contractor won't have to go through the hassle of inclining the shower floor for efficient drainage. The slope and drain is built into the shower pan kit so you can easily install tiles as soon as the shower base is in place. This makes for a fast and hassle-free installation, and you get to save on labor cost as well. This is also the reason why buildings like hospitals and condominiums use tile shower pans; it doesn't make sense to work on hundreds of mortar shower floor pans when a more efficient alternative is available.

Waterproof Installation

Leaking is one of the prevalent problems in bathrooms. If your shower pan leaks, a number of other problems arise, such as mildew, moldy grout, and rust. Most often, leaking problems stems from hastily done installation or incorrect installation practices, both of which can be easily avoided by using a tile shower pan kit. The kit features a fully integrated installation system that waterproofs your shower floor.

Easier Conversion of Bathtub to Shower

Want to remodel an old bathtub and convert it into a shower? That's not a problem since there are custom-designed bathtub replacement shower pan kits that turn your old bathroom into a tile-ready shower room. This innovative kit makes remodeling your bathroom a fast and easy feat.

Various Designs

There was a time when the main objection to using a pre-fabricated shower pan was its lack of design. That's why some home owners didn't mind going through the more tedious work of tiling their shower floor because tiles offered a wider variety of color and design options. These days with the tile shower pan kits, aesthetics is not so much an issue since you can choose just about any design that you like.

Form and function are important factors when you're remodeling or constructing a shower. Due to innovation, you don't have to choose one for the other. You can have a leak-free and hassle-free shower floor that features any style, color, and design that you want by using a tile shower pan kit.

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