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Internet shopping continues its upward trend; but although popular across the board, it is perhaps in homewares that the web has really come into its own.

Putting together a co-ordinated look for furniture, decor and homewares of every kind has always been one of the most pleasurable aspects of having your own place. We all like to personalise our individual space and generations of students, soldiers and anyone else confined to a standard room or dormitory, at some stage of their life, have tried to stamp their style and taste, through pictures, gadgets and ornaments to make them feel as much at home as they can.

My Place
Moving into our own place usually means a complete overhaul of the interior, from wall colour, to flooring, lighting and appliances. Although obviously dictated by finances, it has to become your own place, even if you are on a tight budget. It is perfectly possible to create a unique look for the home, using flair, invention and enthusiasm. And lots of people take great time and effort to do this very thing.

Drawing Room Interior
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However, in previous times, to create the perfect look, where decor, furniture, wall art and lighting co-ordinated in a way that, not only suited the property, but also made a statement about the householder, was difficult in many respects. Sure, it was always possible to check out specialist retailers and buy the curtains or lighting that suited your needs and style. Often though, these stores would only cater to a particular budget or style and while larger department-type stores may have had items across a wider range, they often did not stock designer or more original items.

Specialist Home Design Sites
Putting together your 'look' usually involved time and effort; two luxuries that a growing number of us no longer have in our frenetic lifestyles, as we try to balance work commitments and family time. But now the web has generated specialist home design sites which source items of every sort and price, from large pieces of antique furniture to quirky, useful gadgets which would look great in a variety of homes.

And of course, websites don't just enable us to shop effortlessly from our sofas they also allow us to communicate with likeminded others through blogs and message boards. So, if you are stuck for any ideas, or want advice on where to find a specialist gift, you can usually find that too, at the click of your mouse.
Terri Couper
About the Author:

Terri Couper is an interior designer and often uses the quality accessories that have on offer to spruce up a boring living space.

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