Introducing The Tasty Varieties Of Kerala Breakfast

The Tasty Varieties Of Kerala Breakfast
Getting down at an airport, railway station or a bus-stand somewhere in Kerala and going out into the streets, in the early hours of the day can be exciting. The place would not come to life until it is at least 8 am. And if you are hungry and looking for a place to have your breakfast, somewhere in the corner of the street you would find a ‘NarayanaBhavan’ or a ‘City Hotel’. The early morning menu would be long enough for you to ask the waiter to repeat it again as most of these places will not be having a printed menu. God’s Own Country, has a very rich and varied menu of dishes for breakfast. The people here are not ready to munch on the same dishes every day and quiet naturally there are too many options to pick from for breakfast.

Breakfast Habits In Southern Kerala
Culinary habits vary as you go from south to north of Kerala. In southern Kerala, because of its sharing borders with the state of Tamil Nadu, the food habits have a coincidental similarity to those of the Tamilians. The breakfast menu will be mostly vegetarian except for an egg roast or an omelette. The highlight dishes include dosa, idli, appam, puttu, chapatti and puri. Dosa comes in many varities like masala-dosa, ghee-dosa, paper-dosa, rocket-dosa and any other name and form it can be given. It is had with a side-dish of sambar (a highly spicy daal dish) and coconut chutney. Idli is also a favourite in this part of the State and it is also served with sambar and coconut chutney. Appamandputtu are original Malayali dishes and cannot be often found in the menu in any other part of India and usually had with a sumptuous helping of vegetable stew or potato stew. Vadaiis usually had with the breakfast as a starter and all this is washed down with a glass of hot tea.

Puttu & Kadala
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Breakfast Habits In Northern Kerala
Breakfast menu in Northern Kerala is entirely different. Non-vegetarian dishes find the prominent place in the platter to that side of Kerala. Fish curry, beef, mutton and chicken varieties are usually had for breakfast along with the main course. The main course also varies. Except for appamandputtu, the menu gets a complete makeover. Bread varieties known as pattiri in the lingua franca are the all-time favourite and come in different forms like chattipattiri, ricepattiri and meatpattiri.

Kerala breakfasts have earned the distinct title of being the world’s healthiest breakfast. This is mainly because of the fact that most of these dishes are steam baked with very little or absolutely no oil included in the preparation process. So, why not pack your bags to have a breakfast with the satisfaction of having the world’s healthiest breakfast? Surprisingly or not, God’s Own Country has enough in store to keep travelers from around the globe coming back to her!!!
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