5 Innovative Spice Rack Solutions To Keep Your Kitchen Neat

5 Innovative Spice Rack Solutions for Kitchen
Do you struggle to find the right spices when cooking? Do you have them all mixed up in a cupboard and need to move them around each time you need that particular one? But those days are over! I’ve found some great solutions to organize your spices that will help you keeping your kitchen neat and make it easy to find the jar you need. Here they are:

1) Make A DIY Spice Rack From An Old Printer Tray
You’ll be surprised of how many old printer trays are available online for not a lot of money. They come in different shapes and sizes. This is a great solution for those of you who often cook Asian food and need loads of storage for their spices - some can host even up to fifty jars. All you need to do is choose the one that’s best for your kitchen, hang it on the wall, and fill it in with all your delicious spices. One more trick: if your jars don’t fit in the rectangles, just decant them in baby food jars.

2) Use The Drawers Instead Of The Cupboards!
Have you ever thought of storing your spice jars in a drawer? That would make it very easy for you to pick the right one! You can either put your spices in steel jars and write what’s inside on the covers, or use a rack that can lie down in the drawer so that all the labels are in sight. You will feel like being a real cook!

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3) Test Tube Spice Stand
Yes! Test tubes! How cool would that be? You can easily make your own holder with a plywood bamboo strip, a drill, and rubber o-rings to make the test tubes float in the holes. It looks modern, beautiful and a little CSI laboratory.

4) DIY Back-Of-Door Spice Rack
Most of us struggle with storage space in our kitchen. Building a back-of-door spice rack for your cupboard would be a great way to create new space and have a better visibility of your spices. It can be easily and cheaply built with wood and some acrylic in just a few hours. However, if you’re not very good at working wood, you can just buy a rack that fits your cupboard and fix it to the door. There are some pretty ones available on the market.

5) Build A Spice Rack With A Ruler!
Exactly ladies and gentlemen. A ruler! How? Buy some magnetic spice jars (as many as you need) and write on the side what’s inside with a non-fading ink pen. Then buy a ruler or two and glue them to the underside of your cabinets. Now you can hang your magnetic storage tins upside down.
So as you see, you can be as creative as you like and even build your own spice rack with your hands. There are virtually infinite solutions to this housekeeping dilemma. And solving it can be quite fun! You can use various materials, such as glass splashbacks or wood, and just let your creativity lead you.

Have you ever created a spice rack or found an unusual but great way to stack your spices? Have your say! I’d love to hear more fantastic ways to keep the kitchen neat!

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