When to Seek Pro Help with Pests


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The last thing you want to deal with is an infestation of pests in your home. A pest infestation is often more than just an annoyance.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences tells us that one in five children in the US have a severe sensitivity to cockroach allergens. Bedbugs are a rising problem, with one in five Americans dealing with them.
When to Seek Pro Help with Pests

It is important to understand, however, that some pest control problems exceed the skills or tools of your average homeowner and require help by experts trained to handle residential pest control. Further, preventative pest control provided by professionals can reduce the risk of infestations ever occurring in your home.

Signs to Watch For

In the southwest, some of the most common pests are termites, scorpions, and bed bugs. Often, you can spot subterranean termites by the distinctive 'mud tubes' that they leave in their wake. These raised structures can often be found near the foundation of your home, but are sometimes concealed beneath the structure in harder to spot places.

These termites are incredibly destructive, and must be dealt with swiftly lest they do considerable damage to your home. Scorpions are often attracted to newer homes because construction can disrupt their natural habitat, so be wary if you move into a newly constructed residential property.

However, older homes can also have infestations, particularly if they are close to a body of water like a lake or canal. Bed bugs are often hard to find because they do not cause pain when they bite, though many have an allergic reaction.

True to their name, many are found in beds. You can often find dark spots the size of a pinhead on infected areas, or you may develop rounded red rashes on exposed skin when sleeping. Sometimes, you will discover rusty or red stains on bed sheets from crushed bugs.

Why You Need Pro Help

Residential infestations are more than just a nuisance; they can cause expensive property damage and create real health problems.

Residential pest control experts can help you do more than apply a simple treatment, they can assess the extent of your infestation beyond what is immediately visible in the home, develop a comprehensive plan of long-term control, establish preventative measures, and educate you as to the risks presented by your type of pest and how to mitigate them.

The sooner you call in a professional, the faster, easier, and often less expensive the process is to get your pest problem under control.

What to Look for in Pro Pest Services

When you are ready to find an exterminator, there are standards you should look for for to ensure the best possible service. Ensure that the company runs background checks for their trained technicians. Discuss with them how they handle product application.

 They should be attentive to pets and small children, and focused on providing the right mix of product to ensure the best impact with the least potential harm to your household.

Make sure they provide their technicians enough time to do a proper job at your site. Finally, most good exterminators will stand behind their work and offer a guarantee, returning to your home if their methods fail and another infestation occurs.

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