The Cheapest First Cars

Cheapest First Cars
Learning to drive is extremely expensive, but nowadays it’s a necessity to get you through life. The majority of the population rely on cars every day in order to commute to and from work but once you’ve paid for lessons and taken your test there’s not really a lot of money left at the end for you to buy a car. This makes it even more important that you find the best car you can for the best price, so here are some of the best cars for a relatively small amount of money.

You should remember that buying the car is not the end of the expense; you also have to insure it too. Insurance is something that you should look at before you even buy the car as, quite often, new drivers can find themselves forking out more for their insurance than the car is actually worth. This is something you should try to minimise and although it’s likely that your insurance will be more expensive – especially with you having a cheap car – you should avoid the mammoth insurance premiums by choosing the right vehicle.

If you are opting for a cheaper car then you should always have it looked over before you buy it as you need to ensure that it’s going to be reliable – you don’t want to have to spend a fortune on repairs before you’ve even driven it. If you can, always choose a car that has full service history or the majority of its service history and make sure it’s been recently serviced.

Cheapest First Cars

Topping the list of the cheapest first cars is the Ford Ka. The Ka is the quirky baby of the Ford range and is popular with both new male and female drivers. The Ka has a good 1.3 litre engine and thanks to its size that means it’s nippy on the roads. The old style Ka is now cheap to buy and insure but if you have the money for a new one then they’re a little more stylish but still really cheap on insurance.

The Peugeot 106 is next on the list; the 1.1 litre independent model is a particular favourite and can be bought for under £1,000. The 106 is extremely similar to boy race favourite the Citroen Saxo, the difference is, it’s much cheaper to insure and you’ll probably get a better name for yourself on the road.

Finally the Ford Fiesta is another firm favourite and has been a popular first car since its release. There are so many Fiesta models to choose from small 1.25 litre engines up to a 1.4 litre and they’re all pretty good on insurance as long as you don’t go for sporty models.

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