Supplies You Need For At-Home Schooling

Many parents take it upon themselves to help educate their children at home. An at-home schooling program will enable you know your child’s weaknesses and strengths better than anyone else. It will allow you to spend quality time with them and can help you to know that your child is safe. In order for you to start home schooling, you will need to check with your state on the various standards they have and then you will need to purchase the right supplies to get started. Here is a checklist that can help:

Art Materials

Children between the ages of 3-5 years learn though visual aids. That is why you will need crayons, sketch books, charts and newspaper cuttings. There will be a lot of drawing and coloring to do! Art is a great way to watch a child use their imagination and create unique projects. It helps to purchase the following:

  • Clay
  • Oil Pastels
  • Glitter
  • Finger Paint
  • Watercolors
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Scissors
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There are various projects that you will need to work on throughout the school year. Purchase the age-appropriate curriculum in order to effectively teach your children and have them work on art projects that will truly enhance their imagination.


Your children will need an area where they can do their work. You need to purchase a desk for them or you can consider building a desk of your own. Building your own desk will allow you to add drawers that can hold a number of things from their art projects to paper, books, and even a computer. Use the right tools to build your own desk. You will need to invest in several things from a power saw to a screwdriver. If you have a saw and it is not currently working you need to buy replacement parts.Bosch Parts provides a number of great replacement parts that can help you build a wonderful desk for your child to learn on.


No learning can take place without an adequate paper supply. You need different types such as loose leaf, plain paper, Manila paper, index cards and sticky notes.

Chalkboard or Whiteboard

This is definitely a must so you can teach your children. Kids use these boards to draw shapes or write new words just as they have seen you do it. You will need a box of chalk or erasable marker pens as well as a duster. Dustless chalk is highly recommended if you decide to use a chalk board.


Your state will have a curriculum that you will need to abide by in order to ensure that your child is learning the correct skills. You should download their curriculum and visit some homeschooling websites to find the best textbooks for subjects like Math, English, History, and so forth. It is also important to stock up on children books as well. Story books, picture books, nature study, and coloring books are some of the best books to have in order to help your child learn and really use creative thinking and listening skills.


Use charts on animals, numbers, letters of the alphabet, map of the world, and math. Charts are easy ways for children to have a visual reminder in the classroom and they do a great job to help them memorize certain things.

Helpful Sources

With the internet, there is a lot of help for parents that choose to home school. You have online communities in which you can interact to help you with your curriculum and of course you can easily buy all of your school supplies online. If you come up with some original ideas, it is a great idea to share these ideas with other people that are trying homeschooling and you may significantly help them as well! Homeschooling is a great option for many parents and children, consider if you have the patience and time in order to effectively teach your children from home before you do begin a home schooling program.

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