How to Salvage Old Jewellery

Have you ever seen bulk lots of vintage or costume jewellery being sold on eBay or at flea markets? Ever wondered what people do with it? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of crafty people are getting their hands on old jewellery to give it a new lease on life. So if you feel like salvaging a bit of old jewellery, here are some ideas on what to do with it.

Sweet Tooth
Do you have a bowl of candy in your house that’s not really helping your weight loss goals? Swap it out for a bowl of salvaged rhinestones. Get a bunch of old pendants and necklaces and carefully remove them from their casing. Then get all the glue off (some use turpentine, others acetone. Just make sure it doesn’t cause the any damage to the stone), and pop them in a bowl for a different addition to your home’s decor.

Photo Ready
We probably all have a bunch of photos around the place that need to be put in frames or otherwise dealt with. If you have an old photo of you and your best friends, then buy an plain photo frame and jazz it up with some sparkly jewellery. Just grab your hot glue gun and a bunch of salvaged earrings and brooches and get started.

Salvage Old Jewellery

Kid Friendly
Most kids love sparkly things, particularly girls. So for your next children’s party, grab a bunch of cheap jewellery and let the kids go wild! You’ll be surprised how creative they can get and they’ll absolutely love doing it. Just make sure you’re supervising if they’re using a hot glue gun so you don’t have any emergency trips to the hospital.

Charmed to Meet You
Charm bracelets can be a glamorous accessory but it’s not very fun to have the exact same one as everyone else. Harvesting old charms and creating your own personal charm bracelet is a great way to use salvaged jewellery. It also gives your jewellery hunting a little more purpose and makes the hunt a little more fun when you find the perfect charm to add to your bracelet.

Wind Blown
Do you love the sound of wind charms gently clinking together in the wind? Put a little more glitz in your next wind charm project with some salvaged jewellery. You can either start from scratch and create a brand new wind charm or add pieces to an old broken wind charm you have lying around at home.

Old jewellery doesn’t have to be discarded as junk. It can be great fun for the kids to get involved and you can add a little extra glamour and colour to your home with salvaged jewellery. So keep an eye out at your next visit to the flea market and get the creative juices flowing.

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