Getting Country in Your Home, With a Modern Twist

Some people may feel as though a country design in their home is something they would never even consider, but many are pleasantly surprised with the modern twists that can be made. Giving your home a country feel no longer needs to evoke thoughts of bails of hay or saloon doors—instead think of interior shutters and chic, yet comfortable designs. By combining classic country pieces with more modern styling you may be surprised just how much you enjoy this new twist on the old.

Mix and Match
Whether your country stylings need some updating or you are looking to switch things up, HGTV suggests that decorating your home in a modern country style requires you to not be afraid of trying new things. Maybe you have some classic pieces already in your home that you just couldn’t bare to get rid of; that is fine because it is modern and stylish to pair old pieces with new eclectic ones. HGTV gave the example of taking an old hand-carved table and pairing it with new upholstered chairs—this will make both pieces look even better. They also suggest that placing small collections that have a country feel such as animal figurines on top of furniture pieces can give it the pop of modernism the space needs—many of the new figurine offerings are a bit more abstract than has been traditional.

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Keeping it Simple
Not every aspect of your home needs to be a complicated mixture of old and new, sometimes the best design comes from a feeling of effortlessness. Women’s Day Magazine explains that keeping a space open is enough to make a large impact. When remodeling a kitchen they suggest getting rid of the upper cabinets in your kitchen if it is a small space, this will give it a feeling of being more airy and open than it is. They also suggest that small accents such as a farmhouse sink or just choosing a bright color or pattern on your dishes can make the best impression in the space.

Adding Some Fun
Above all, one of the best ways to recreate an old, tired country space into a modern marvel is to have a little fun with it. Do not be afraid to try out pieces you may have never considered before like interior shutters or repurposed milk crates as accents. These pieces alone can transform your living space from outdated to innovative.
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