What To Buy For Mom This Christmas

Wow, mums are hard to buy presents for.  They spend all their time looking after the rest of the family, making sure that everyone has a fantastic Christmas, but ask them what they might like as a gift and they will insist that they have everything they need already.

That’s mum code for ‘I’m not going to tell you, I want something that shows me how much time and thought you’ve put into choosing something for me’.  Because you know that if you take her at her word and don’t buy her anything there will be a very awkward silence at the dinner table.
Here are some top ideas for what to buy for mum this Christmas.

  1. Charm bracelets
These are a fantastic idea.  You can buy basic charm bracelets in all sorts of different styles and materials (have a look at what sort of jewellery she normally buys: classic, modern, quirky, gold, silver?).  Have a look in any of the jewellers in London or elsewhere in the country for some inspiration.  Then, for the really personal touch that will show just how much time and thought you’ve given this gift, buy some charms to go with the bracelet.

What To Buy For Mom This Christmas

Opt for charms that reflect something about her life, interests or personality.  She might be mad keen on sports, so get a charm which reflects that interest; she might have a pet she really loves, or she might have grandchildren whom she loves to spoil.  Get her charms that symbolise these aspects of her life, or even get the charms personalised with names, dates or messages for that truly personal touch.

  1. Photos
Spend time making up a poster or montage of photos of her family, friends or her past.  If the town where she grew up is easy enough to get to, why not take a trip out there and take a few snaps of her old homes, places of work, school and friends’ houses?  Get them developed and put them in an album for her.  Or dig out some of her favourite old snaps from when you were young and have them framed.

  1. Spa day
Either arrange a surprise trip to a local spa or buy vouchers for some really lovely treatments for her and a friend.  She might choose to take you!  If buying vouchers or booking treatments think about the sort of things she prefers: does she like having her nails done?  Or her feet fussed?  Or would she prefer a facial or a massage?
Pretty much any of these gift ideas would please any mum and you can set your own budget.  It’s the thought that counts – so think about what your mum would really like.  And give her a hand with the turkey.

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Claire Chat
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