The Rules Of Coffee Shop Etiquette

As everyone goes about their daily business they may well set aside some time each day to spend in their local coffee shop. The length of time will depend greatly upon what the person in question has to do that day, for example it could be a businessman with just a few minutes to spare or a student who intends to be there for the majority of their day to work on an assignment. Whoever you may be and however long you plan on staying in the shop for, you should always follow these guidelines of how to act.

Don’t bring your own supplies
Just as you would not be allowed to bring your own cans of beer to a pub you should not bring your own refreshments or food into the coffee house. It is a general rule of etiquette but it is also something that can impact on the livelihood of those who are running the shop, especially in the more compact and intimate coffee houses. These people have to maintain their business and if you are bringing in products from elsewhere in preference to what they provide then it will affect the shop.

The Rules Of Coffee Shop Etiquette

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If you’re not buying, move on
Even if you are not bringing your own food and drink into the coffee shop it is a matter of principle to buy something if you are planning on staying. Coffee shops are an ideal meeting place for a group of people but only if you are keeping things flowing for the business by purchasing something, whether it is coffee or even just a small cake.

Tip those who have served you
Tipping is customary in many establishments and a coffee house is certainly one of these. It is a matter of politeness to leave some money for those who have served you and if you are a regular in the shop this will be very useful in helping to establish familiarity with the staff.

Use Wi-Fi sparingly
There are many people both young and old who visit coffee shops in order to complete some work in fairly tranquil surroundings. Online access can be very important here, as well as if you want to use the connection to catch up with emails or friends and family. A good tip is to check what the shop’s limit is and certainly to avoid downloading anything that will use up a lot of it. Using too much will slow down the connection for everyone else and will not be viewed favourably.

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