The Market Awaits Revived

The UK delicatessen industry is in a transformational era, fighting for their lives and suffering a disappointing identity crisis. The nation’s four largest supermarket chains have all expanded their delicatessen departments. Many of the country’s delicatessens have not survived the recession and the tight credit that has followed.

Because supermarkets capitalize on economies of scale, their buying powers are usually consolidated to a nucleus of providers. While their deli departments have some merit, they are not the answers that visitors to true delis want. In fact, supermarket delis are a cross between sandwich shops and supermarkets.

The Market Awaits Revived

Return to Fundamentals
True, old-fashioned UK delis featured locally grown products, locally made breads, cheeses and rolls. Even the condiments were made at the delis as well as well as all the fixings. This tight marketplace resembles a flight to the top accompanied by a survival of the fittest mindset. Critics might say it is time for UK delis to get back to the basic principles that founded a thriving industry. Diners agree.
Throw away the international influences and cast aside the mixed message of being a sandwich shop and be what UK delis have usually been. The government has taken actions that seem to help UK delis. The pressure form London is for food providers to source locally in order to help fight climate change.
Local products should be stapes of the deli industry. Supermarkets buy more than 70 percent of all food sold in the UK. Delis that use locally grown products are the shops that have survived. The hope is that the industry will re-invent itself.

Demographics Need Expansion
One of the challenges for UK delis is the changing demographic of the deli connoisseur. Currently, high-income persons comprise the majority of deli users. Delis will have to find ways to bring a wider group of consumers to the shop.

One effective way to do that is to improve the customer experience. This means being specific about the origin and composition of goods. The industry has always relied on the quality of its goods and has been given some latitude in service because of the high quality goods.

As the challenge for delis is to regain and grow market share, it is time for UK delis to take customer service to new levels. The UK is posting favorable numbers for at-home vacations and spending preferences that favor UK businesses. The stage is set for a UK deli revival.

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