A Fit Body Requires a Fit Mind

Being fit is not just about being physically equipped to do tasks and chores, “fitness” pertains to an overall assessment of a person’s well- being including but not limited to the physical, mental, psychological, and emotional aspects. Developing one of these aspects will cascade to benefiting the others, all are equally important but developing each and every one entails specialized exercises.
A successfully implemented regimen that targets a specific aspect of fitness will require a sound assessment of the other aspects. Taking mental fitness as the target for the development regimen, physical fitness plays a huge part in ensuring that the brain has enough oxygen and nutrients needed in improving memory, responsiveness, and mental alertness. Physiological studies characterize the human brain as a complex muscle- like part of the human body, it has limits but those limitations can be overcome by improving the brain’s capacity in doing its tasks.

A Fit Body Requires a Fit Mind

Physical activities such as aerobics and conditioning exercises increase the pumping of blood to the brain supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Due to this fact, experts of the mental development field couple physical activities with mental exercises. For medical cases, people who are suffering from brain clots such as stroke are required to do physical therapies not just to let them back to their feet but also to pump more blood into their brains, which might shorten their recuperation periods. After doing few minutes of physical exercise here are some exercises that you can do to improve both mental strength and mental stamina.

1.  Read a lot. Reading enthusiastically is an effective way of stimulating the brain. Even if experts are still divided whether there are prescribed reading topics in improving mental strength, reading as a way of keeping interest on the things going around you is by far the most brain strengthening   activity that you can do. Spending long hours watching TV or playing video games may sound more interesting than reading but the benefits from these activities are very minute when compared to the benefits of reading.

2.  Eat brain friendly food. Whole grain cereals, dairy products, and leafy vegetables are rich with Vitamin B, which is a vital ingredient in mental health. Eating these food types will make your mental activities more effective.

3.  Challenge yourself. Mental strength has limits to start with; overcoming the challenges to breach these limits is a true measure of mental strength. Figuring- out mind puzzles, acquiring a new language, or playing memory games are just few of the many activities you can do to challenge your mental strength.

4.  Decide for yourself. Managing your mental health just like any other fitness decision will require you to make personal decisions; taking-up and thinking over these decisions personally ensure active management of your mental health. A sense of ownership must be established early on to ensure that the effort will not go into waste.

There are other activities and exercises that you can do to improve your mental health and your overall fitness. These are just few of the many possibilities that you can explore.

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