Keeping Movie Night Family-Friendly

Even with ratings on movies, it can be difficult to tell sometimes which movies are appropriate for children and which aren’t. With so much language, sexual innuendo and violence in movies these days, many families have simply given up on movies altogether especially with all of the recent research that has come out regarding the negative effects of violence and profanity on children. However, there are some ways to keep movies family-friendly without having to go without movies altogether.

Learn about the Movie
One way to verify the movie will be appropriate before heading to the theatre is to read in-depth analyses available online from various services. These analyses can give you details on what kind of language and how much is in the film, how gruesome and scary the violence really is and whether sexual scenes are too adult for children. You may also ask other parents who have seen the movie as intensity and appropriateness often depends on perception.

Keeping Movie Night Family-Friendly

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Set Ground-Rules
Some families find it helpful to set some rules on which movies are appropriate for the family and which aren’t. Some families never see R-rated movies or skip movies that have language with heavy profanity or sexual scenes. In general this information is included in the movie rating. Setting these guidelines can make it easy for the family to decide whether to watch a movie or not, and as kids start watching movies with friends, they will easily be able to tell whether they are allowed to watch the film.

Consider a Filter
Many movies end up being 90 percent appropriate with a great message and story line, but they have that one scene or occasional language that makes parents uncomfortable. Rather than giving up on the movie, consider using a filter service, such as Clear play, to filter out language and other inappropriate scenes. These filters have become sophisticated enough that you probably won’t even notice what is being filtered.

Bring back the Old
While new movies are great, those old classics you enjoyed watching as a kid can add to the selection of appropriate movies for your family. Rather than only showing your kids the current Disney movies, make sure they see all of the old ones as well. Introduce your kids to Star Wars, old musicals, even a favorite black and white film. Create a diverse movie collection, and your selection of appropriate movies will instantly go up.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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