How Mens T Shirts Became the Easy Fashion Staple

Despite its simplicity and prominence today, t-shirts have only been a form of outer clothing since the post war years when it became common for veterans to wear their uniform trousers with t shirts as casual clothing.

Mens t shirts became the fashion staple we know them as today in the 1950s, when Marlon Brando was seen wearing one as an outer garment for his iconic role as Stanley Kowalski in 1951’s A Streetcar Named Desire. Inspired by this look, teens copied.

Soon the rocker and greaser look was born, of which the t shirt was a defining feature. Then came its appearance in the films that followed during the decade such as The Wild One and Rebel Without A Cause. Of course, the look is also iconic for its appearance in fifties set musical Grease on Danny Zuko and his T-Birds. The simple mens t shirt became an icon for rebellion.

How Mens T Shirts Became the Easy Fashion Staple
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By the 1960s, the t-shirt became a representation of hippie culture, customized with tie-dye design. As fashion developed and experimented, as did the choice of cut for t shirts with various fits and neck cuts. With the introduction of screen printing, it became a vehicle for social change and protest, conveying important messages to the masses.

As music culture expanded and developed, it also became a money maker for bands and artists who began to sell t shirts with their band logo on. The t shirt was no longer for the rebels; it was an extension of your thoughts and passions. It represented your musical taste and political views.
The 1970s really saw the slogan t shirt come into its own and saw the creation of designs that still remain iconic and present today such as the happy face t shirt and Milton Glaser’s famous I Heart NY t shirt.

By the 1980s, bold text based slogans defined the decade with phrases such as ‘Frankie Says Relax’ and ‘Choose Life’ prominent on pop stars. From then on, t shirts were seen as a form of personal expression and represented your thoughts and passions.

Mens t shirts have continued to grow in popularity over the past twenty years and are an iconic staple of many a male wardrobe. For many, t shirts and jeans may be the only contents of their wardrobe. But thanks to progress in design, printing and materials, the t shirt offers more variation than ever before.

A t shirt says a lot about the person, reflecting their humor, musical taste and personal style. From the humble t shirt you could find out somebody’s favorite band or music genre, their favorite TV show or movie, what they find funny or what particular style they connect with most. For many, it is the first or only impression we have of someone and it could raise a smile or an eyebrow. Sixty years after its outer-wear use hit the mainstream; the t shirt has become more important than ever.

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