Effective Tips to Care for Your Skin During Summer

Summer time is a time of fun and lot of outdoor activities, however this period requires unique skin care to ensure that our skin survives summer intact. During summer the skin is exposed to several factors that can make it look dull and lose its luster. One of the major culprits of skin damage during summer is the ultraviolet rays from the sun. The sun’s UV rays can lead to the skin’s loss of collagen, which may then result in the formation of wrinkles and patches on the skin. To maintain glowing healthy skin, it is important that proper summer skin care tips are followed to keep the skin protected and well nourished during this period.

Effective Tips to Care for Your Skin During Summer
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The heat of summer can leave the body dehydrated as loss of moisture is more significant during this period. To stay hydrated it is advised to drink as much water as you can. A daily intake of about 15 to 20 glasses would keep the body hydrated. Water helps to keep the body system hydrated and it also helps the body to flush out toxins that could become harmful to the body and skin when accumulated.
Another important summer skin care tip is the use of sunscreen. To protect the skin from the harmful rays of direct sunlight, dermatologists suggest that sunscreen should be applied to the exposed parts of the skin about 15 to 30 minutes before exposure. A sunscreen skin care product with an SPF content of about SPF-30 is best for this season. If you plan to remain outdoors for extended periods, you should take your sunscreen with you and apply it about every hour. Extended exposure to the sun at beaches or swimming pools without using sunscreen would lead to rashes, blisters and burns.

Since the skin is losing significant amounts of moisture during summer, a moisturizer with a watery base can help keep the skin hydrated. Rose water is quite effective during summer. Watermelon or cucumber juice can also be effectively used as a moisturizer for facial skin during summer. Moisturizers with extracts of aloe or aloe gel have a protective and healing effect during summer. People with extra dry skin can use olive oil as a substitution for toners and moisturizers.

To properly care for your hands and feet, you can soak them in water. Add very little salt to the water and soak feet and hands to improve blood circulation. You can do this water and salt therapy about twice a week. Tight or closed shoes are not advisable during summer as they hinder free air circulation. During summers its best to resort to sandals and flats. Tight fitting clothes are best left for winter, during summer such clothes would block off air circulation and that is not good for the skin.
Some homemade skin care solutions can be especially helpful during summer. For example, you can make a homemade recipe to help remove uneven skin tanning that is common during summer. Simply blend gram flour with juice squeezed from half a lemon and yogurt and apply to affected parts. Alternatively, you can mix potato juice with honey and apply to affected parts. Honey is known to be effective for removing rashes and scars.

During summer, it is best to avoid carbonated soda containing drinks or drinks with high amounts of sugar. Juice extracted from fruits would do the skin much good. Other things to avoid during summer include wearing silk or synthetics and using moisturizers with oily base.

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