Efficient Car Parking For December Holidays

With the rising cost of fuel driving up the cost of holiday flights, more and more families are choosing to take the scenic driving route to their holiday destinations over the Christmas holiday season. If you’re camping or staying in self-catering accommodation to keep your costs lower or simply staying for long periods of time, it usually equates to surplus luggage been hauled out the front door to be packed into your car. Surely it’s as simple as stuffing your trunk or trailer and maybe using your 12 year old to jump up on bags to make sure it all fits? If you’re a seasoned veteran of family road trips, you’ll realise the art of car packing is a lot more intricate than first imagined.

Efficient Car Parking For December Holidays
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Where to begin packing?

Your car packing exercise needs to start with a systematically organised plan. Initially family members need to pack their bags with maximum efficiency so that all luggage space is used, one full bag is easier to pack then three half empty ones. Analyse your packing space; your car packing organisation will depend on whether you have an SUV, an additional trailer or packing space beneath your Hilux canopy. Bring all your luggage items to the vehicle before you begin packing as this will allow you to fill the spaces between your larger items with miscellaneous small bags or items. Mechanics will tell you to pack your heaviest items towards the front of your space to reduce weight on any particular tyres by improving the centre of gravity of the vehicle.

Make sure that you pack your car with the emergency and essential goods easily available to passengers during the trip. These include any medication, and emergency medical and road kit as well as entertainment and food for the trip. Your emergency kit should contain everything you need to make temporary repairs on your car, trailer or bakkie canopy for small road incidents. Pack healthy food for the kids so that they’re full without the excess sugar; sandwiches and dried fruit and nuts are popular choices with parents. Freezing some of your drinks will keep the others cool for longer trips and keep a supply of straws with you in the vehicle to keep spillages to the minimum. Pack some entertainment for the kids, which is relevant to their generation; audio books, in car DVDs and handheld gaming systems are the norm, not the “99 bottles of beer on the wall” song.

Preparation and smart car packing will ensure that you arrive at your destination a little less stressed than 800 kilometers with the nagging cries of “are we there yet”. Service your vehicle, pack smart and enjoy your festive season with the family.

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About the Author:

Terrence Stoker is a freelance blogger and a family man. With the task of packing everything for his holiday under his bakkie canopy he has researched and tested a few simple ways to make your family road trips less painful than you think.

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