Best Nails Tips
Best Nails Tips
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1- Wrap the tips of your nails with polish. When applying the poloish,
be sure to bring it over the edge of the nail and slightly under thetip. This helps prevent chipping.
2- if the poloish chips, its best to remove the paints from the nail and start ove, if you don;t have time,
dip your finger in the nail polish remover and smooth over the chiped area and re-apply a topcoat

3- When a nail breaks, the best thing to do is cut it of. but here is a trick if the break is low down (& painful, undoubtedly)
cut a tiny strip of gauze from a teabag. place it over the tear & the paint over with polish.

4- The secret to keeping nails smudgin: Dry time! surface will feel dry to the tuch after 10 minuts,
but don’t be fooled. It actully takes an entire hour fro nails to completely dry.
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