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6 Tips for Organizing Stress-free Get-togethers

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Throwing parties is a fun thing to do. You get the opportunity to give people a tour of your place and treat them to some food and fun. It’s nice to be able to give people a chance to let down their hair and enjoy, really enjoy for a bit! However, planning these get-togethers can be really stressful, especially if you don’t have many people to help out. The weeks leading up to the party is often filled with sleepless nights and lots of nail biting. But, fret no more my dearies, for here are a couple to tips to help you make these weeks stress-free and more relaxing! Follow these pointers to make party planning easier, quicker and simpler:
Organizing Stress-free Get-togethers
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List it Out
Pre-planning makes everything a million times easier and lists can help you pre-plan like a pro. So, create detailed lists, mentioning dates for sending invites, shopping, decoration and all other organizing activities. Create individual lists that highlight the names of invitees, party supplies that need to be bought, games that can be played, etc. Use old calendars for the same and hang them up in places that often meet the eyes. Another good idea is to create post-its of all last minute ideas that come to mind. Stick these up on your refrigerator and make it a habit to glance over these sticky notes regularly.

As hosts, we often think it wrong to ask guests to help out. We go to great lengths to see that we do all the serving and ushering by ourselves so that no one is inconvenienced. In reality, however, there is nothing wrong or inhospitable in asking some of the guests to help you out in certain tasks. It’ll actually make them feel included and good about the fact that they could assist the host in some way. So, delegate small tasks like serving starters around or helping you bring out the dishes to eager, enthusiastic guests.

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Go the Paper/Plastic Way
It’s nice to lay the table with elegant porcelain dinnerware and silver cutlery. However, cleaning up these dishes becomes a tiring process because of all the washing that needs to be done. Also, food prepared for get-togethers tends to be on the oiler, greasier side, making washing plates and utensils an even more tiring task. So, to make life and work easy, opt for plastic/thermocol plates, spoons and glasses. These can be easily disposed off in plastic garbage bags or can also be used for packing away leftovers if the guests desire to
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Just because you’re hosting a party it doesn’t mean that every dish offered needs to be prepared by you. If you’re short on time or unsure about a particular recipe, don’t hesitate to order these dishes from outside. It makes sense to keep a couple of take-away restaurant numbers handy. Still better, you can order food online. Yes, this new internet offering allows you to order your favourite dishes from your favourite restaurants online! This option comes as a life-saver to any host because it allows you to order different dishes from different restaurants at the same time and the best part is that you don’t have to stay hung-up on the phone while your guests are sitting around.

Want to order online for your next get-together? Delivery Chef let’s you do just this! Follow this link to place your order online: Delivery Chef.

Stack up on those Crunchies & Munchies
Appetizers are an integral part of any party. We invest a lot of time in preparing these entrees, frying, baking, grilling and roasting wherever required. However, in the bargain, we forget to stack up on our regular munchies, like salted peanuts, dry fruits and chips. Avoid doing this because when you encounter a couple of early birds, you can offer these snacks instead of depleting and spoiling the arrangement of your main starters. They also come in handy when you run short of starters or if you suddenly realize that one of the guests is vegetarian and there aren’t any vegetarian dishes on your entree list

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E/Whatsapp invites:
Invitations are another party essential that people tend to stress over. After all, how are people to know they’ve been invited unless you personally hand over a well-decorated invite, right? Wrong! People don’t really expect you to do this anymore. E-invites have been making rounds in the party scene and seem to be the new way to go. All you need to do is design a pretty invite in paint and then send it across via email. The plus points about these invites are that they have absolutely no making and distributing charges. Also, they can be sent to multiple people in one go. You can also make animated cards using animation software. Another idea is to send these invites via Whatsapp. My cousin recently got engaged and used this medium to circulate a creative invite, and guess what, we loved it!

Well, these were some tried-and-tested steps to make the party planning process hassle-free and a lot less stressful. For more interesting articles on food and delicious recipes, check out this blog: Delivery Chef Blog.
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Sugar Coated Flowers

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There are plenty of ways to preserve the delicate beauty of flowers. One of them is by coating them in sugar. This procedure not only keeps the delicacy and scent of the flowers’ blossoms and leaves but also makes them eatable and what is more – they actually become very delicious. Sugar coated flowers are used as a decoration of cakes and other types of desserts as well as some spicy meals. There are two ways of coating flowers with sugar. The first one is by using gum Arabic (also known as acacia gum) and the second one is with the help of egg white.
Sugar Coated Flowers
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1.  With gum Arabic – it is a natural gum that is obtained from acacia tree (where it has taken its name from). Blossoms and leaves that are sugar coated with the help of gum Arabic last longer, they can be preserved for about a couple of months. Here is a quick guide on how to coat with sugar your flowers with the help of gum Arabic. First, fill a quarter glass of water and then put on a water bath (also known as bain-marie). Put 12 grammes of gum Arabic into the water and constantly stir. When the acacia gum is completely dissolved in the water, take the container away from the fire and wait until it cools down. While the mixture of water and gun Arabic is getting cool you can prepare the syrup.

Pour a quarter glass of water onto a hundred grammes of sugar, put it on fire and heat it until its temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius and then cool it. After the two mixtures are cool enough, use a tiny brush on all sides of the flower blossom or leaves to apply first the mixture with the gum Arabica and then, the sugar syrup. To finish the procedure, spread refined sugar all over the flower surface. It would be even better if you use a sieve to spread the sugar through it. Put the flowers on a parchment paper and wait until they get completely dry.

2.  Sugar coating with egg white – flowers, coated with egg white look more beautiful but they cannot last too long, they can be preserved for no longer than five days. Here is the technique on how to sugar coat flowers using egg white. First of all, beat the egg white until it becomes thick foam. Then apply it with a brush on all sides of the flower blossoms and leaves. Then spread refined sugar all over them, place them on a foil and bake it in a low heated stove for two hours. When they are ready, apply a tiny layer of egg white beaten with sugar all over them.

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3.  Sugar coating is not a difficult thing but you should remember one very important rule here – you should sugar coat only innoxious, non-toxic and non-bitter blossoms and leaves. The blossoms should be blooming however, not in a latest stage and not too big in order to be well placed in the stove and to be evenly baked. Roses are one of the most popular flowers when it comes to sugar coating, however, you can also try the blossoms of the sour cherry, apple, pear and white acacia.

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Christine is a dedicated writer and blogger who is an organic gardening and landscaping specialist . She says that nature is her biggest inspiration source and its beauty motivates her to keep writing. Presently Christine writes mostly about household cleaning and maintenance. But her latest article is about preserving flowers fresh for longer time.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Six Bold Fashions to Enjoy Before The End of Summer

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Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean the warm weather fashions have to be! Forget about the inevitability of colder months, and check out these six bold fashions to enjoy before the end of summer!
Six Bold Fashions of Summer
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Boots Aren’t Just for Snow
Many fashion trend-setters have been spotted wearing ankle boots and booties this summer. Pair with short shorts or a short skirt, and you have a great, cowgirl-type summer look. Just make sure to wear thin socks under the boots for comfort and to wick away sweat.

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Show off Some Bling
You’ve likely already noticed that the rings are getting bigger and so are the earrings and so are the necklaces. Heck, the bracelets are too. Bling is definitely in this summer, with bold rings, huge rocks and gaudy bib necklaces to match. Get in on the bling and enjoy your bangles up to the last day of the season!

Brighten Up
Soft whites, ivories, eggshells, linens, beiges and taupes are all out. We’ve always known that summer is a time to brighten things up color-wise, but this year, designers have taken it to an extreme. Get crazy with color and enjoy your neon tops and prints before they’re gone.

Stand Out With Wedges
Heels are a girl’s best friend. They lengthen the leg, give a sexy silhouette and make a beautiful clip clop sound on the sidewalk. But we all know heels feel when you try to wear them all day and all night. On the other hand, wedges are not only sexy and fashionable, but they also make you taller and sleeker without giving you sore feet at the end of an hour’s wear.
Spring summer fashion
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Learn to Love the Crop-Top
Midriff tops aren’t just for tweens and teenagers anymore. More women in their thirties, forties and fifties are sporting belly-revealing tops on the streets and at the beach. Fashion experts agree the look can actually be quite flattering overall. Focus on exposing the area from the belly button up to a few inches below the bra line.

Finally, don’t forget to feel confident when you show off that glowing summer skin in these fun fashions. Many women feel that they don’t deserve to wear midriff revealing tops or short shorts because they are embarrassed about their skin or body hair.

If the latter is the case, a Utah laser hair removal specialist recommends looking into permanent hair removal, as this will save you both time and boost your confidence—especially when you’re in shorts or a bathing suit this summer! Try all of these fun fashions this summer.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Frugal Removal Gifts

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Well, it’s time to say goodbye to old friends and neighbors. If you have been lucky enough to have developed a good relationship with your neighbors it’s nice to be able to say goodbye and leave them something to remember you by, when the day comes for the removal van to drive away. Moving home can be expensive however, and in an effort to reduce costs many of us may be tempted to slink away in the dead of night to spare awkward blushes and goodbyes. This does not need to happen.

With some careful though and inventiveness  frugal ,yet considerate gifts can be created in your home using up items you no longer want or need and at the same time  reducing  the amount of stuff you need to move to your new home.

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Home interior products
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Plants –lovingly cared for plants can also make both a wonderful and welcome gift to give to your new neighbor .Just trim and tidy them beforehand and ensure the pot is clean and fresh too .Plants can be difficult and are not cost always easy to move either so unless they are truly irreplaceable, it’s best to leave them in your old home or gift them away.

Pictures and Paintings –Do you having a painting hanging in your spare room? Are you sick of looking at it? Did you create a ‘wonderful ‘masterpiece in an art class that no longer interests you or have you received one as a present and you really don’t like? Why not taking moving home to East London as an opportunity to leave that painting behind and create a fresh gift for a neighbor .Just a quick dust and clean and you will have a lovely personal gift.

Home Baking /Sweet Making –When moving home many of us are tempted to throw out half finished bags of flour and baking goods .Why not take the opportunity to create cakes and biscuits using all your store cupboard ingredients? Create some lovely cakes and then simply decorate and give to your neighbor. Get rid of even more home clutter by packing biscuits and container in decorated containers and boxes from your home, for example a decorated jam jar can look really decorative when tied with a lovely ribbon.
Cushion Covers
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Ornaments/DVDs and CDs –Collect together any ornaments, DVDs and CDs that you do not want to take to your new home .Give them a good dust and clean so that they look as good as new. Simple wrap in tissue paper and place in an appropriate box .Alternatively wrap in newspapers and tie artistically to create a themed moving present. The box with ribbon which can be bought cheaply at any discount store. They will look unique and will make a lovely gift.

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Cushion Covers – do you have sewing skills? More than likely your curtains will not fit your new home either due to size or colour .While you may be tempted to drop them off at the charity shop why not create cushion covers, table cloths  or artistic handbags from them ? These are simple and easy to make and always a welcome gift.

Finally just before moving why not have a leaving party and serve up the contents of your food cupboard and freezer to your guests? Use this as an opportunity to say your goodbyes and also hand out your various gifts while at the same time not wasting food and drink that may otherwise have perished.

Leave your comments and suggestions below.
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This article is contributed by Christine Smith and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of myfoodforu blog He is a blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on  the different topics related to Home improvement, fashion, food, etc.

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Six Great Vegetarian Appetizers for Your Next Party

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Entertaining guests who don’t eat meat can be a challenge, unless you find tasty recipes that will delight both meat-eaters and vegetarians. When you don’t know the dietary preferences of your guests, going vegetarian is a safe choice that will satisfy all and make them want to come back for more.

Crostini With Eggplant Caponata
Martha Stewart suggests this one for your next holiday party or get-together. This recipe uses pine nuts, raisins, eggplant, tomatoes, vinegar and cocoa powder to enhance create a complex, tangy dish. Served on the crostini, this recipe can be found here.
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Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms
This delicious recipe for stuffed mushrooms uses these products to lend a rich, cheesy flavor and crunchy texture to the mushroom stuffing. Make sure you make plenty of these, because guests will want several servings of these tasty, bite-sized hors d’oeuvres.

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Asparagus and Ricotta Toasts
This dish from Gerard Craft combines fresh, light ricotta cheese with sauteed asparagus tossed with lemon and served on toast rounds. Find the recipe here.
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Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
This sophisticated (but easy-to-make!) dish is a departure from the traditional deviled egg. Chopped smoked salmon adds a savory touch to this fun appetizer. Find the recipe on Food & Wine.
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Pie Bites Stuffed with Fig Preserves and Brie
This unusual dish will delight everyone, from kids to meat-eaters and everyone in between. Originally from Joy the Baker, these bites make a delightful snack as well as party appetizer. In the form of a cute mini-pie, this dish will awe your guests and charm their palettes. Get the recipe here.

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Zucchini Fries With Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
Not fried, but oven-baked, these veggie fries are perfect for a party with kids. Originally from Epicurious, these healthy and delicious fries pair well with a ranch dipping sauce. This is a perfect dish for summer, when fresh zucchini is available everywhere. You can get the recipe here. If you don't have time to make the dressing, don’t worry—using store-bought ranch is just fine!
Image Source
It can be stressful to create a menu to suit everyone’s dietary preferences, so going vegetarian with your appetizers—and even a few entrees—is typically a safe choice which no one will object to. The above-listed appetizers are accessible enough to appeal to all palettes, yet bold enough to be memorable.

Your guests will remember your party—and the delicious food there—for years to come.
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This article is contributed by Emma Sturgis and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of myfoodforu blog He is a blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on  the different topics related to food, travel, fashion etc.

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Reinvigorating Your Life and Home With Cleaning

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It’s important to consider what we have and what we do and decide if it’s time for change. We will often contemplate changing things to tray and enhances our life and surroundings. This could be anything from buying new furniture to looking for a new job. This feeling often comes at certain time as the weather improves and nature itself is refreshed.

One things we can do at this time to shake things up, enrich our lives and prepare us for the rest of the year is house cleaning. Going through our home, sorting, and tidying our goods lets us reflect on the past and prepare for the future. It is not an easy process though, as you will be facing a thorough cleaning job. There is a lot to do and consider, so read on for helpful advice.
Home Cleaning
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The first thing you need to do for such a complex process is plan everything out. You need to consider all that you have to do and what you will need in order for things to go well. Take in account each room you plan to clean and how long it should take sort and clean it. Work out what cleaning supplies you will need and purchase them in bulk so you have enough. Write up a schedule to keep you on track and you won’t have to worry about rushing, forgetting or ignoring any steps or rooms. You can assign tasks and rooms to the people in your abode so everyone has their own job to tackle.

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There is a lot of equipment you can need for a big home cleaning ask so you should procure everything in advance. Paper towels and cloths are essential for wiping and cleaning goods, so you should stock up on them. Having plenty of waste disposal bags will make it easy to throw old items and used cloths away. Polish and detergents will help you to make things look their best and to remove stains. A good vacuum cleaner will ensure your floors are a clean and a handheld vacuum can help you remove dirt, dust and hair from all sorts of areas and items.
Cleaning with towels
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House cleaning isn’t just about washing things but also getting rid of items you no longer need. You may have goods that have become damaged, have been replaced, are just taking up space, are no longer necessary, etc. Keeping hold of such goods just makes your home cluttered and can increase the amount of cleaning work you have to do. When sorting your goods, consider if you really need things and if not get rid of them.

You can dispose of old items in a number of ways, with throwing them away the simplest. Put things atonalistic bags as you work and you can do this easily. If you have many good or you are disposing or large items such as furniture, consider hiring a skip. Another option is to recycle these goods. Take thins to your local recycling bins or put them with your regular recycling pick up. Contact your community recycling depot to see what thy can take from you and they may even pick up items.

It’s worth remembering that some goods are still usable even if you don’t need them so see of friends and family are sorted in such items or donate them to a charity store. You can also sell these goods at second-hand stores, care boot sales, online and more to make a little bit of money.

House cleaning can bring many advantages to your life, so follow these steps for a successful home clean.
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This article is contributed by Christine smith and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of myfoodforu blog He is a blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on  the different topics related to Home Improvements,  travel, food etc.