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Trying To Eat Healthier? Five Surprising Foods You Don't Have To Give Up

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As the 21st century continues unfolding, the health and wellness industries continue to flourish. Despite the fact that we are currently facing an obesity epidemic as well as several other significant battles with debilitating diseases, more and more people are interested in learning how they can optimize their wellness tolead healthier, happier lives. In many cases, individuals begin their journey into greater health by vowing to eat healthier.

Unfortunately, some people are led to believe that they have to give up certain foods in order to be healthy. Yet in many cases, supposedly unhealthy foods are not so bad after all. Below you will find a list of five foods that you don't have to give up in order to be healthy:

1. Popcorn
Although many health experts have stated that popcorn is not good for you, this isn't necessarily the case. Of course, this principle doesn't apply for movie theater-type popcorn that comes drenched in artery-clogging butter. Yet when popcorn is kept plain or you add healthy toppings like cinnamon or Parmesan cheese, popcorn can be an exceptionally nutritious, delicious snack.
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2. Pasta
Individuals who have opted to eliminate pasta from their diets may have done themselves a great disservice. Because pasta ranks very low on the glycemic index, it's a great food to eat if you're concerned about avoiding blood sugar spikes. Additionally, pasta is a great source of B vitamins and folic acid. As with all foods, eating past in moderation is a great staple for your diet.
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3. Frozen Yogurt
Too often, people believe they must eliminate all dessert foods and snacks in order to have a strict and healthy diet. However, going out for self serve yogurt doesn't have to make you feel guilty about what you eat. Frozen yogurt is packed with plenty of good bacteria to help insure proper balance in your gut. By adding healthy toppings like fresh fruit, frozen yogurt can actually be one of the most healthy options for snacks and desserts. This is a great alternative to ice cream but might taste even better.
Frozen Yogurt

4. Potatoes
Perhaps potatoes have gotten a bad rap as a result of the fact that they're constantly associated with french fries. Yet while french fries aren't healthy, potatoes are. Specifically, potatoes are a great source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. In recognizing the fact that potatoes are healthy, try incorporating recipes like Grilled Potato Salad with Mustard and Gherkins.
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5. Eggs
If you've been told that eggs are bad for you, here's why you should question that idea: In addition to containing just 70 calories, eggs are a great source of vitamins A, D and B12. They are also a great source of protein and iron.
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If you have become serious about getting healthy, you should know that eating well should be an integral component of your game plan. By reviewing the brief outline above, you can see that there are several supposedly unhealthy foods that you don't necessarily have to eliminate in order to be well.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Tea Time: What Every Successful Tea Parlor Needs

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Tea parlors are gaining in popularity following the wave of successful coffee houses which have sprung up over the past decade. Tea parlors appeal to the public’s growing desire to consume healthy organic food, and if you are thinking of opening a tea parlor, here are key ingredients for success. Good tea, good food, good atmosphere, and tiny details are a recipe for tea parlor success. Your water source, your kettles, and your table teapots are essential details for any successful tea parlor.
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Fine Tea
Perhaps even more than coffee, tea parlor customers come to taste high quality drinks. While coffee houses can vary their quality depending on their clientele and target audiences, a tea parlor must be stocked with superior offerings. This is a must for a successful tea parlor, and requires a passion for tea. Use clean, fresh water and make sure your brewing style is suited to your type of parlor. Tea experts advise steering away from mineral water or distilled water for health and taste reasons. Filtered water produces the best hot tea, and don’t forget that regular filter maintenance is vital.

A Transcendent Atmosphere
Customers seek out quality tea for relaxation. A tea parlor’s ambiance should reinforce their search. Many themed decors appropriate for tea parlors naturally lend themselves to creating a relaxing atmosphere. Popular themes such as shabby chic bohemian, antique Asian, and Victorian set the stage for transcendent decor using elements such as beautiful lighting, elegant rugs, and comfortable seating.

You might find a varied, eclectic seating arrangement fits your charming shop, while more formal custom restaurant furniture from Oakville are better suited for a large room. Before settling, talk to others in the industry, or companies like Jamco Wood Products Ltd who can help you find the best ideas for your needs. Find your niche and don’t stray from it.
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Filling the Pot
Next, let’s talk about kettles. Fill your table teapots from stylish kettles that match your decor theme. You’ll need a decent sized kettle and, for taste and health reasons, should avoid kettles with burners inside the tank. Many choose induction burners as their heat source which expands kettle options. Choose designs which are easy for servers to handle. If you choose to use induction burners, consider boiling your water in the dining area to add some dynamic flare.

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A successful tea parlor is built by infusing small details with thoughtful intention. Your own should reflect your taste and design and be enjoyed by a wide demographic. They key is a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

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Travel Blog: 5 Engaging Topics to Discuss About Travel

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Traveling is something that every people wants to do on their spare time or break from work/school. This activity is for people who are really outgoing and wants to experience the outdoor life whether they are in a group or going solo. These people eventually put their travel experiences in a blog so that they can help other people in when it comes to travel. This simple blog becomes a hobby then if a person gets lucky on this, he or she can earn from this hobby.
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Travel is always an anticipated niche for every freelance writer in the community of online earning. Who would never want an all- expense out of town getaway? Meanwhile, you must have an idea of the best five topics to write about before the excitement gets in your system.

•    Food
Food is one of the reasons for travel, so, it is always effective to give your reader a glimpse of what their taste buds must expect of the place. Give a list of the most expensive cuisine to the ones they can eat from the street.

With this comes your chance to do some promotion for the noted restaurants and hotels scattering the tourist spots. While many will not allow you to publish the entire price list, you can at least give your reader of the approximate they would need, say at least three-day stay.

•    Crime
Remember, you are a freelance writer, not a public relations officer. Hence, you have a variety of topics to choose from – either constructive or not. Life is ironic and people would always want to know the darkness behind every gold, so give them. Every place has its dark secrets and scandals that make them famous. Give the details of these scandals and crime news and readers would likely to read it because of curiosity.

You can make good use of the internet, newspapers and interview once you reach the place for decent resources for your blog post.

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•    Historical Spots
There are different people in the world, if your readers are mostly adult, then you can write about historical places on the target area. You will help them if you can provide some background and transportation guide.

•    Picture-perfect Location
I can bet this month’s pay if tourists aching for pictures drop to less than 50 percent. Taking tangible memories is part of going places so make sure to suggest your readers with best spots to print their smiles on.

•    Do’s and Don’ts

As a freelance writer, your duty is to inform your readers. So, give as much information to them. One of the best, if not the most, is giving them the list of the things they must do and not on the place. 

Remember to write a very engaging travel blog and you have the blog post with great shot photos. In this way, you can maintain regular readers and thus, making your travel blog more profitable while enjoying your time on the road.
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Candice is taking her Master's Degree in Writing while juggling her time as a researcher at She loves to hike and do some volunteer works when not staying at the university.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Six Home Organization Tips To Clear Up Your Space

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When the rooms in your house, the closets and the cabinets become overfull, it adds stress and frustration to your daily life. The remedy for this is simply to clear out some things and organize what's left.

Clearing the Clutter
This first step toward organizing your home may not seem very appealing, but it's a necessary step. You might find encouragement in knowing that the more items you remove from those cluttered spaces, the less things you'll have left to organize and store. With that idea in mind, toss out or donate everything you don't use, wear or need. That step alone will clear up some space.
Six Home Organization Tips
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Organized Storage
Pack away seldom-used or seasonal items and store them in out-of-the-way places such as on top shelves, in the basement, in the attic, under the bed or in storage. If you have a shed or garage, dedicate a portion of it to storing these items.

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Storage Units
If you have limited storage space at your house, you may find it beneficial to rent a storage unit to store some of the larger items that are taking up space in your home. If you inherited or purchased furniture that is too large for your home, putting those items in storage would certainly clear up your space. When you have large items to move or items that require special handling, it's best to have a professional packing company assist you with that process. They have the proper equipment and know the techniques for moving large furniture or appliances without damaging them.
Storage Units
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Closet organizers are a great way to maximize the storage space in your closets. Having organized storage in your bedroom closet can eliminate clutter and excess storage furniture in the bedroom. An organized linen closet or coat closet can hold more items than a closet where things just get tossed in and end up in a chaotic pile.

Add some storage or dual purpose furniture and accessories to help you keep things organized. Decorative baskets, boxes, crates, storage ottomans and bookcases can help you stay organized.

Add hooks or wall shelves for organizational storage space. Utilizing vertical space can help keep floor and counter space clearer.

Once you've cleared the clutter, reduced your possessions and organized your essentials, it's time to make neatness a regular habit so that your space remains clear and you won't have to go through the clearing process over and over again.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Families Love Self Storage Sites

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Do you ever wonder exactly who uses self storage sites? Perhaps you think it’s all used by offices or retail outlets. Well you may be surprised to learn that many storage sites are used for domestic purposes and that many families find them an invaluable source of space. So if you and your family are struggling to keep your home life in shape why not consider making use of a domestic storage site?

Domestic storage units come in a range of sizes and can suit a variety of household items including large furniture or old toys. In addition to this, they are also generally a clean and well-maintained place for you to store your old baby clothes or books. So if you need to update one of your bedrooms but want to keep the old furniture for future use then putting it into a storage unit can help to keep it in its original condition. By finding a self storage unit that is just the right size for your things you can also help to ensure that you’re opting for a cost-effective and financially viable package.
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There are many reasons why families use secure storage sites during their lifetime and decorating is one of them. If you’re having a new carpet put down or wallpaper stripped then it can be useful to have somewhere to store your items while you get things finalised. Similarly, if you want to retake control of your junk room or garage then packing your things off into storage can give you the extra space that you need. Self storage rooms are often better maintained than your attic or garage and can even keep your family’s possessions in a much better condition.

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Storage facilities can also be great for helping you and your family with a house move. When you’ve got so many things to worry about including the kids and the school run, the last thing you want is to be stressing about meeting removal deadlines. By moving some of your furniture or boxes into storage first you can eradicate this concern and give yourself much less to worry about on moving day. Once you’re out of your old house and ready for the rest of your things you can then remove them from storage as and when you need.
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In addition to this, domestic storage units can also help you and your family to keep your home clean and tidy. We all know that over the years families accumulate huge amounts of things that can leave any home bursting at the seams. That is why many people use secure storage sites to help them to keep their house in order and themselves sane. While car boot sales or online exchange sites might be more lucrative, sometimes there are things that you and the kids just can’t bear to be parted with yet.

Due to their many uses, families often find storage services to be of great benefit to them in their day-today- family life, giving them more space to enjoy and more options when it comes to long-term decisions such as decorating or moving. Without this extra space some families can find it hard to manage and may regret getting rid of some things that one day they might need. Storage facilities are generally clean, secure and well-maintained and can keep your household items, family heirlooms or sentimental things safe until you’re ready to take them back out.

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6 Tips for Organizing Stress-free Get-togethers

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Throwing parties is a fun thing to do. You get the opportunity to give people a tour of your place and treat them to some food and fun. It’s nice to be able to give people a chance to let down their hair and enjoy, really enjoy for a bit! However, planning these get-togethers can be really stressful, especially if you don’t have many people to help out. The weeks leading up to the party is often filled with sleepless nights and lots of nail biting. But, fret no more my dearies, for here are a couple to tips to help you make these weeks stress-free and more relaxing! Follow these pointers to make party planning easier, quicker and simpler:
Organizing Stress-free Get-togethers
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List it Out
Pre-planning makes everything a million times easier and lists can help you pre-plan like a pro. So, create detailed lists, mentioning dates for sending invites, shopping, decoration and all other organizing activities. Create individual lists that highlight the names of invitees, party supplies that need to be bought, games that can be played, etc. Use old calendars for the same and hang them up in places that often meet the eyes. Another good idea is to create post-its of all last minute ideas that come to mind. Stick these up on your refrigerator and make it a habit to glance over these sticky notes regularly.

As hosts, we often think it wrong to ask guests to help out. We go to great lengths to see that we do all the serving and ushering by ourselves so that no one is inconvenienced. In reality, however, there is nothing wrong or inhospitable in asking some of the guests to help you out in certain tasks. It’ll actually make them feel included and good about the fact that they could assist the host in some way. So, delegate small tasks like serving starters around or helping you bring out the dishes to eager, enthusiastic guests.

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Go the Paper/Plastic Way
It’s nice to lay the table with elegant porcelain dinnerware and silver cutlery. However, cleaning up these dishes becomes a tiring process because of all the washing that needs to be done. Also, food prepared for get-togethers tends to be on the oiler, greasier side, making washing plates and utensils an even more tiring task. So, to make life and work easy, opt for plastic/thermocol plates, spoons and glasses. These can be easily disposed off in plastic garbage bags or can also be used for packing away leftovers if the guests desire to
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Just because you’re hosting a party it doesn’t mean that every dish offered needs to be prepared by you. If you’re short on time or unsure about a particular recipe, don’t hesitate to order these dishes from outside. It makes sense to keep a couple of take-away restaurant numbers handy. Still better, you can order food online. Yes, this new internet offering allows you to order your favourite dishes from your favourite restaurants online! This option comes as a life-saver to any host because it allows you to order different dishes from different restaurants at the same time and the best part is that you don’t have to stay hung-up on the phone while your guests are sitting around.

Want to order online for your next get-together? Delivery Chef let’s you do just this! Follow this link to place your order online: Delivery Chef.

Stack up on those Crunchies & Munchies
Appetizers are an integral part of any party. We invest a lot of time in preparing these entrees, frying, baking, grilling and roasting wherever required. However, in the bargain, we forget to stack up on our regular munchies, like salted peanuts, dry fruits and chips. Avoid doing this because when you encounter a couple of early birds, you can offer these snacks instead of depleting and spoiling the arrangement of your main starters. They also come in handy when you run short of starters or if you suddenly realize that one of the guests is vegetarian and there aren’t any vegetarian dishes on your entree list

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E/Whatsapp invites:
Invitations are another party essential that people tend to stress over. After all, how are people to know they’ve been invited unless you personally hand over a well-decorated invite, right? Wrong! People don’t really expect you to do this anymore. E-invites have been making rounds in the party scene and seem to be the new way to go. All you need to do is design a pretty invite in paint and then send it across via email. The plus points about these invites are that they have absolutely no making and distributing charges. Also, they can be sent to multiple people in one go. You can also make animated cards using animation software. Another idea is to send these invites via Whatsapp. My cousin recently got engaged and used this medium to circulate a creative invite, and guess what, we loved it!

Well, these were some tried-and-tested steps to make the party planning process hassle-free and a lot less stressful. For more interesting articles on food and delicious recipes, check out this blog: Delivery Chef Blog.
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