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5 Easy Decorating Tips for Any Budget

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1) Online Marketplaces
There are a wide range of online marketplaces available to discerning consumers right now, just waiting for you to find a bargain! Whether you are looking to offload some of your old stuff, find new or second hand furniture, find parts for or new materials to improve old furniture or even purchase a bespoke or one of a kind art piece there are literally hundreds of sites out there for your needs. But, the best thing about purchasing from an online marketplace? Whatever you find, you can be almost certain in the knowledge that you won’t be turning up to your friend’s house the next week only to find they have the same furniture as you!
Easy Decorating Tips
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2) Feature Wall
Instead of redecorating a whole room, which can take a lot of time and money, create a feature wall by repainting or redecorating a single wall (usually the one first seen as you enter the room). A simple repaint in a bright colour, fresh wallpaper or an interesting art piece or wall hanging can dramatically change a room without having to resort to the costly expense of changing the whole room.

3) Adapting and recycling
Repainting old wooden furniture can bring a new lease of life to any room and is surprisingly easy to do. Same goes for cupboards and cabinets – even if they can’t be repainted, have a look online for custom handles and frames. Failing that, speak to the manufacturer, in many cases they might be happy to supply you with a new front or part for an old cabinet that makes it look as good as new, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole unit.

Reholstering old furniture is also another option, and is a lot easier to do than you might think. With a huge variety of fabrics available at cheap prices, you can have your old sofa or armchair looking brand new and unique within one day. If you have no clue where to start, a few online searches should throw up a plethora of websites that can teach you the basics.

4) DIY Art
Not everyone can afford a Picasso, so instead of that expensive replica or print why not make your own art? If you’re not an artistically minded person, most people know at least someone who counts art as one of their hobbies, even if it’s just a friend of a friend. If not, consider online marketplaces or car boot sales; picking up an artwork you like by an unknown artist can make a room just as great as a valuable piece and adds your own spin to the room.

5) Save Money
With the advent of the internet it’s never been easier to learn a skill from home or, for something more involved, where you can learn in your area. Next time you go to call in the professionals, think if you could do it yourself for half the cost – and add a new skill to your bow into the bargain. For larger scale projects, why not call in a few favours and get your friends or family round. You might be surprised how fun getting a bunch of people round, blasting some tunes and painting a few walls can be, and at the end of it all you get the satisfaction of a well decorated room without having to call someone in to do it for you!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Food Industry Insider: What it Takes to Stay on Top

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Whether you are just breaking into the food industry, or have been in the game for quite some time, you are always looking for ways to make the most of your business. Luckily, keeping a few simple yet important tips in mind can help you stay at the top.

Keep Your Goods Fresh
One of the most important parts of the food industry is obviously the food itself. To ensure your customers love your dishes as much as possible, it's critical to ensure you keep your ingredients nice and fresh.
Fresh Food
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There are a few ways that you can do this. First of all, consider buying your ingredients from more local suppliers. Then you won't have to buy them frozen, and you can get them more quickly. Use trucking to bring in your produce and other ingredients, and make sure you use a well-refrigerated truck when necessary to keep your ingredients fresher. According to Meyers Transport Ltd, you should check with your transport companies in Ontario and other places to be sure they are bringing only what was picked recently. Avoid using too many processed foods when you can.

Never Stop Advertising
Once you build a strong customer base, you might think that you can lower your advertising budget a little bit. However, it's critical to never stop advertising your restaurant if you want to keep up with your competition.

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Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can advertise your restaurant or other food business as effectively as possible. Offer coupons and loyalty programs to keep people coming through your doors, and utilize social media and your own home page as a way to bring in more business. Don't forget about old-fashioned methods of advertising, such as listing an ad in the newspaper, and the local yellow pages. By combining your advertising efforts, and never slacking up on them, you can continually keep people coming to your place of business.

Understand the Importance of Good Employees
The employees you hire to run your business can make or break it, so be careful about who you allow to stand behind your counter. Carefully screen and interview all potential employees before bringing them in to run your business, and make sure that everyone is properly trained. If you get complaints about any of your employees, it's important to take action as soon as possible to ensure future customers aren't upset. Have frequent group trainings to be sure everything is being done the same.

To make the most of your business, it's important to remember the basic tips that can help you stay at the top. Luckily, they aren't too difficult. Just keep these tips in mind, and you will be surprised by how successful your business can be.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All Around Fitness: Sports You Can Play for a Lifetime

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If you want to stay in shape, playing sports is a great way to do this. Instead of monotonously working out on a treadmill, athletes can engage in more competitive activities that build relationships with others. While playing on a team, athletes can build close relationships with others that can result in lifelong friendships. There are also sports that can teach athletes self-discipline and encourage individuals to go the extra mile. This will take a look at sports that can be played at any stage in life to stay in great physical shape.

Although most commonly played by teenagers and young adults, hockey is a fun sport that is becoming increasingly popular for all ages. In most cases, the game is played casually and encourages players on all sides to have fun. After an exciting hockey game, many of the team members go out to dinner and share many off-the-rink experiences. It is not uncommon to see hockey players that build friendships with individuals from around the country by traveling around with their team. Most importantly, playing hockey is an aerobic exercise that forces athletes to work hard in order to win.
Image Courtesy: hockeyindian.com
Whether done competitively or just for fun, bicycling is a fun activity for individuals of any age. It provides a great workout that can improve heart health, and facilitate better concentration. Unlike other sports, there is also very little risk of becoming injured while bicycling. Since the sport involves no physical contact, it won’t cause much strain on your body. Riding a bicycle is also easier on the knees than traditional running activities. For these reasons, bicycling is a sport that millions of individuals around the world enjoy every day.
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Another fun sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age is basketball. This sport can be very casual, and can enable a small group of friends to have fun while playing together. Although a standard basketball game requires 10 players, this is not necessary for a simple game. In fact, the game can even be played alone.
Image Courtesy: khsaa.org
Unfortunately, basketball also carries some small risks due to close personal contact. Players sometimes pull muscles, or stretch their tendons beyond where they are designed to go. Thankfully, athletes can simply look up how to use kinesio tape to give their muscles extra support. This tape can be helpful both for preventing injury, and after one has occurred.

Athletes looking to explore the world while getting a great workout can go on hiking trips in their backyard, or on different vacations. This can either be a casual activity or very competitive. Some hikers travel for thousands of miles to get in touch with nature and test their abilities, while for others, a simple half hour hike is enough. This can be enjoyed at any age, whether a young child or an elderly adult.
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Hiking can also be fun because it can involve the whole family. Even among families that are not inclined to go out on big hiking trips, this can still be a fun activity for even a few hours.

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Regardless of what sport you pick, it is important to stay in shape by working out. This will prevent many of the health problems experienced by individuals today due to their sedentary lifestyles. Problems like heart disease, obesity, and a wide range of other problems can all be prevented by simply working out. By playing a fun sport at the same time, it can be much easier to stay true to a prescribed workout plan. Exploring some of the sports listed above might be a great idea for you.
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Autumn Gardening Tips and Tricks

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Fall is coming this way and with it comes a brand new chance to take care of your home’s garden, either to give it a certain maintenance before the fall of winter or to create one if you don’t have one already. To do that however you will need to keep a few things in mind before you can call it a day, beginning with the first one on our small list:
Autumn Gardening Tips
Image Courtesy: boldsky.com
    Replace the annuals of yesteryear with some fall-blooming plants instead, for example mums who happen to bloom during the autumn season. When you plant and maintain them properly, as well as winterizing them on time, mums will help color the landscape of your garden for many years ahead.

    Something else you can do is check for spring bulbs, since this is the best time to do so. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths and other similar choices will be an excellent solution for all your needs. Make sure you shop early on to pick the best selection for your garden. Think of a new scheme to replace the older flowers and for a pattern you’d like best.

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•    You can also use the fall season to plant some great fruit trees such as peaches, apples, plums, cherries, figs, pears and more. Young trees should also be staked if you want to prevent the roots from being pulled by the stronger winds of the fall and winter season.

    Since perennials will fade away in time, you will need to mark their locations in some ways, such as using smaller sticks. In some cases you may not be able to find their apparent locations after winter, so you must find some way to discover them when the snows melt. Something else you need to do is bring your house plants back in, doing so before it’s too cold outside for them to adjust to the new conditions. You can also give them a thorough washing if you want to get rid of pests they may be dealing with.

    You can use some vegetables sown in autumn to winter, which will allow for some earlier crops in your following year. These will include some really hardy plants, such as Swiss chard, fave beans, Calabrese, peas, hardy spinach, leaf betas and spinach. Spring onions may also be sown during the late summer or even early autumn for overwintering. Hardy lettuce will be very useful in a cold greenhouse if you have one.

    Dig up your rosemary, terragon, marjoram, basil, oregano, parsley, thyme and chives and bring them inside the house if you have the space. You will need to keep them around in a nice, sunny but cool spot for them to dry out before you water them again. Snip off any leaves as you may need to in your kitchen, but never strip them entirely. If you have herbs that grown fast during the summer season, cut them back about halfway and dry the rest of them for the winter season. You could also work on making some herb crafts such as sachets or herbal soap as well if you can.

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Fashion Rules for Freshers: What Not to Wear to Work

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For a fresher, working life seems exciting and intimidating at the same time. You’re eager to be all ‘grown up’ and earn your daily bread (pocket money, rather) but, on the other hand, fitting into the workplace is quite daunting. Your young blood is blissfully unaware of the unwritten rules of conduct most experienced professional seamlessly abide by. Out of all the things you’re unsure about, the choice of office attire tends to top the list. Your wardrobe still reflects the ‘college you,’ but you know you can’t display the ‘college you’ to your workmates. At the same time, you don’t want to look too grown up (read old.) So, how do you strike a balance between youthful, yet serious and still look professional?
Image Courtesy: oregonlive.com
Here are a couple of tips to help you out:

Bade Goodbye to Bling:
In college, bling was hot. In the workplace, it’s not. Get rid of those jazzy, studded clips, bracelets, lockets and Tees. Understated elegance is preferred to flamboyant flair. This doesn’t mean that you stop wearing accessories on the whole. Just stick ones that are sleek, classy and not very clanky.

No Tee Talk:
Tees with messages might seem funky, hip and even borderline rebellious. This is precisely why you must not wear them to work. You really don’t want your boss to know your views on alcohol consumption or feminism. So, stick to message-free, sober T-shirts. When it comes to colours and style however, you can experiment in that department. See, working life isn’t that bad!

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Skin Show, No More!
This is something you should be careful about, especially if you’re a female employee. Low necks, deep backs, high slits are an absolute no-no. Showing off too much skin at the workplace is considered tacky and very unprofessional. So, be careful of your neckline when you bend or your hemline when you sit. IF you have too many of such risqué blouses, invest in a couple of stylish jackets or scarves.

Shoe Woes:
Movies can be very misleading here. They portray women parading around in sky-high heels when in reality; working women don’t really wear or like wearing heels much. First of all, it is very uncomfortable, and secondly, tick-tocking heels can be very disturbing in a quiet office. So, opt for closed-toe flat pumps. If you want to wear heels, kitten heels make for a sensible, yet stylish choice. Needless to say, flip-flops are a complete no-no

Skirting the Rules:
Should you wear skirts or should you not, that is the question. Well, the answer is; yes, you can. But, you have to be very careful about the length and pattern of your skirt. Give a wide berth to figure-hugging ones or one’s that are too short. Wear skirts that complement your body type to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your figure.

Not sure which kind of skirts suits your body type? Read the article to find your perfect match! How to Select the Perfect Skirt for your Body Type.

With these style rules to guide you, you’ll be able to make a smooth transition from being a casuals-loving college kid to an elegant working woman. However, of all the things you might have to let go off, never let go of your youthful exuberance, curiosity and zest for life!
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Tips for Using Classical Decor in a Contemporary Home

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Combining a modern and classical interior style can be a little tricky, but with some key tips and fun ideas, the transition becomes magical. One important thing to remember is to use one style more than the other. Choosing to let the modern style take the lead and letting the traditional design complement it is the best way to mesh the two styles together. Doing this allows the two styles to work together without making the room seem incomplete or clashing. If homeowners attempt to use a 50/50 mix of modern and classical styles, the home will not look like the two styles belong together.
Classical Decor in a Contemporary Home
Image Credit: st.houzz.com
Add a Splash of Color
A great way to redecorate traditional furniture pieces so they fit in a modern home is to add a complementing color palette to the furniture. Using a bold color paired with traditional pillow coverings makes a huge statement without overpowering the look. Painting traditionally styled tables, chairs, and mirrored frames to match the modern colors of the home helps add a modern touch while keeping the classical style fresh and clean.

Color can be used in different ways and sometimes the best way to find the right ones to use is by trying them out in the home. For instance, color swatches and samples can be painted on objects in different places so they can be observed in all the different lighting throughout the day. This will help the homeowner decide what works best in their home.

Using Traditional Art
Adding landscape paintings and portraits is a great way to add a touch of classical decor to a modern or contemporary home. Paintings can be re-framed in sleek and stylish frames to modernize them. They can also be placed in traditional frames with ornate carvings for a more classical feel. These frames can be painted bright colors to help mesh the traditional painting to the contemporary style of the home.

Classical artwork, like that found in 17th Century scenes and landscape paintings for hotels, should be used to bring a traditional feel to a contemporary interior. Landscape paintings can be tied into the modern style of the home by simply using one of the colors in the portrait to paint the frame.

Sculptures and Other Accents
Using sculptures of famous statues and busts of historical figures is a great way to add that classical touch to a room or a home. Homeowners can also have columns with ornate details carved into them added to their porch or deck to make the outside of the home look a bit traditional too. This helps marry the two styles and brings the outside and inside of the home together in a cohesive design. Mirrors, candelabras, and traditionally patterned rugs are also great accessories to use in a mixed style.

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Classical Fabrics
Classical styles use a lot of patterns and floral motifs, while modern prints are simple and sleek. A great way to mix the two styles without looking gaudy is by using a modern piece of furniture, but covering it with a classical pattern. For instance, using a metal framed chair and applying a paisley or floral print upholstery to the cushions helps marry the two designs. A chair skirt in a solid color that complements the traditional fabric helps mesh the two styles seamlessly. Fabrics can be used in many different ways to achieve the desired look.

Although classical and modern styles are not usually mixed because they are so different, the styles can be combined with success if done correctly. Using the modern style as the dominant decor and accenting it with traditional pieces is the key to meshing the two styles properly. Painting frames and adding classical fabrics is a great way to combine the two styles for a cohesive look and feel.
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