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Small Town Grocer: Making Sure Your Family Eats Healthy Every Day

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Shopping for groceries can be a chance to enjoy marketing in a comfortable and neighborly environment; it can be a social interaction that is a timeless connection to community. Look for small “mom and pop” grocery stores for the best products and quality service.

Eating healthy has several elements. It can mean taking care of the environment and the community by supporting small businesses and making the intention to eat a healthy diet, seeking to purchase comestibles from local growers. It entails procuring the right foods and creating memorable meals for oneself, family, and friends. Food is a way to show caring in the everyday act of sitting down at the table.

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Small Town Grocer: Making Sure Your Family Eats Healthy Every Day
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For those who want to prepare meals from scratch, when choosing a local grocery store the things that you want to look for are fresh produce, an excellent meat/seafood department, good breads, and a fine wine selection. Cooking is a marriage between knowledge and quality ingredients. What you can do with fine food is an art form: a meal is a one of a kind creation that shows your unique sensibilities, experiences, and culinary finesse. Cooking is a means of sharing and nurturing. And if you start off in an independent grocery store that is staffed with knowledgeable and caring employees who take pride in their work, that is a perfect platform for the start of your dining experience.

For those times when we have unstinting demands on our time, a full agenda, and yet we don’t want to sacrifice quality meals, it’s good to know that the local grocery store offers a wonderful deli and catering section, and that it offers delivery service. Whether it’s your turn to host the local poolside party, or you’re at your desk and under deadline pressure, or you simply want to have a delicious meal or groceries delivered, an independent market can be your new best friend. And if you are fortunate enough to reside near beautiful Santa Monica, Bob’s Market Grocery Store can be just that: One more resource that you can employ to make life easy and elegant and delicious.

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From the true epicurean, to empowered gourmand ,to the talented cook, or the person who simply loves a beautiful bite of BBQ, the independent grocery store experience is a unique opportunity to enjoy.

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Restaurant Reviews: How to Fix Your Place in the Food Business

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Whether you're thinking about opening your own restaurant, or looking for ways to revive a lukewarm business, you're probably already highly aware that food service establishments have extremely high failure rates. Most fledgling restaurants don't make it past their first five years. Naturally, you want to stack the cards in your favor as much as possible, so it might be time to explore several ways that you can hedge your bets.
Restaurant Reviews: How to Fix Your Place in the Food Business
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Good Cooking Isn't Enough
Almost everyone who has a flair for food has been told many times that they should open their own restaurant. Those that do so often surprise their supportive friends and family by failing. The cuisine may be finely crafted and the beverages flowing freely, but if that bottom line dips down into the red one too many times, the party's over. Being a talented chef doesn't necessarily translate into expertise with the financial side of the business. Taking a business management course or two can help you deal with the facts and figures side of running a successful restaurant, even if you end up hiring management personnel and outsourcing accounting tasks, a basic understanding of business practices will serve you well.

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Service Counts
The most finely-crafted meal on the planet won't be very enjoyable if the service is lacking. Finding and retaining quality employees can be a full-time job in its own right. Restaurant owners are increasingly relying on employment agencies and hiring metrics in Madison to meet their staffing needs and get the right people working for them. This is an excellent solution if you want to ensure that your staff is experienced and professional. Restaurant patrons are fickle in a strange way and they may not remember the perfectly prepared steak that they enjoyed at your establishment, but they'll remember the bad service for the rest of their lives. Make sure all your employees know how much

Make Your Menu Unique, But Don't Fall too Hard for Trends
Having your own signature dishes is a great way to make your menu stand out, as well as offers guests something they won't find at just any old diner. You should also take pains to ensure that your dining room features an authentic and creative ambiance that is conducive to enjoying a well-crafted meal. However, many restaurant owners make the fatal mistake of jumping on the latest bandwagon, which may increase the bottom line for a short period of time, but when the trend is over, the business often fails to bounce back because people associate it with a specific type of food that's no longer in fashion.

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The advent of cable television programs devoted to culinary subjects has created an entire new class of restaurant patrons. Catering too much to the whims of this crowd can be dangerous as well. You want to pay a bit of lip service to the latest food fashions but still remain true to your personal traditions. Keep in mind that the goal is to create something that lasts instead of something that temporarily.

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How to Stay Safe While RV Camping in Cold Weather

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Camping in the winter is obviously a lot of fun, as you get to enjoy some great open views without leaves getting in the way, which is impossible in any other time of year, there are no bugs and insects to bother you, and there are no crowds at the most attractive places that are usually packed with campers during other seasons. But, there are a couple of challenges to it, as well, as you have to try and protect yourself from the cold, make sure your RV stays warm at all times, do the necessary repairs, and prevent the holding tanks, the plumbing, and the valves from freezing.
How to Stay Safe While RV Camping in Cold Weather
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However, the stunning vistas and the chance to relax in a calm, silent environment are definitely worth the trouble, and the following tips can help you prepare your RV and have a great winter camping trip.

Winterize Your RV
Before you even think about going camping in your RV during the winter, you must prepare it for the freezing temperatures. You should try and protect the plumbing system, as it's very prone to damages when the weather is cold. Frozen water lines is a very common issue when camping in the winter, so you have to do everything you can to protect them. You can get ultrasonic tank heaters, that help keep exposed pipes warm, or mount a couple of fans on the most vulnerable pipes.

Then, inspect your RV and see which areas are most likely to let cold air get inside. Usually, it's the entry door, so check the weatherstripping and see if it's worn or degraded. If so, buy new weatherstripping and replace the existing one. In addition to the doors, you should add weatherstripping to all the windows and access panels. Also, it's recommended that you invest in vent cushions to prevent heat from leaving the RV through the roof vents.

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Filling your propane tank before you leave it's also advised, so that you can your furnace once you arrive at the camping site. While you are at it, take some time to clean the furnace area, preferably using compressed air.

Installing dual-pane windows will definitely help you keep your RV's interior warm. They provide excellent insulation and reduce condensation, which is one of the most common problems that people going RV camping in the winter face.

As far as the black and gray holding tanks are concerned, you should put some antifreeze in them, so that the contents don't freeze.

Bring Some Emergency Items Along
There are a couple of items that you must bring along whenever you go camping in your RV. For starters, you should buy a sleeping bag that can keep you warm even when the temperature reaches zero degrees, if you don't have one already, as well as a few extra blankets, just in case the heaters stop working for some reason. Also, you should definitely bring a set of tire chains, a gas powered generator, and a GPS device.

If you just follow this simple tips and prepare your RV for the cold weather, you will be able to overcome the numerous challenges you might face while camping in the winter, and the snow and freezing temperatures won't stop you from enjoying your trip.
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Top 10 Fruits and Vegetables for Your Family Table

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We have all been told that we need to eat more fresh produce. When you have a family, adding fruits and vegetables to your dinner table becomes even more important. Making sure your little ones are properly nourished and healthy is the number one concern for a parent. I have the top 10 fruits and vegetables that you need to feed your family.

Why You Should Put More Fruits and Vegetables on the Dinner Table

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that eating more fruits and vegetables reduces the overall risk of cancer and other diseases. This is because fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and minerals and low in calories. While almost all fruits and vegetables are a good addition to your family's dinner table, these fruits and vegetables are especially beneficial for there “super food” powers.
Top 10 Fruits and Vegetables for Your Family Table
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1) Kale
Raw kale gives you and your family over 400 percent of your daily fix of vitamin K, 74 percent of the recommended amounts of vitamin A, and over 100 percent of the daily amount of vitamin C. Make sure you buy organic kale, as its non-organic variety can have pesticide residues. Ideal for mixing in healthy shakes, it's a must for the fridge

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2) Blueberries
According to researchers, the antioxidants found in blueberries can help boost memory and brain function. Make sure your kids have their helpings of blueberries before they go to school!

3) Garlic
Garlic not only kills vampires, it also boosts your immune system. This is due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal features. Put garlic in your dinner vegetables, marinades and salad dressings. Not only does it have an awesome and pungent flavor, it's healthy!

4) Oranges
Oranges provide up to 93 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, they also have antioxidant properties that work with other nutrients to boost your family's immune systems. In other words, less sick days all around.

5) Eggplant
Eggplants are good sources of both fiber and antioxidants. Fiber can give you and your family healthier levels of blood sugar and blood cholesterol. Use eggplant slices in a fun way, like using them as grain-free pizzas.

6) Raspberries
Raspberries have one of the highest levels of fiber out of all the fruits. Because of their high levels of fiber, raspberries can fill your family up without all of the excess calories.  They are tasty in salads, on cereal, or fresh picked from the garden!

7) Broccoli
This may be a tough one for your kids. Broccoli, brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables have high levels of fiber, which can fill you up quickly, and benefit your digestive system, as a kind of “broom” cleaning out the excess waste that clings to our bodies. As an antioxidant, they can also help prevent cancer.

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8) Apples
You won't have to force your kids to eat their apples! Their beneficial nutrients can help prevent some cancers, asthma, diabetes and heart disease. They also have high levels of antioxidants. To preserve all of the nutrients, feed your kids actual apples as opposed to the juice.

9) Red Bell Peppers
Red bell peppers have twice the level of vitamin C as oranges, which means they are very high in antioxidants. They also have a lot of vitamins, folate, and iron, so add it to everyone's dinner salads.

10) Avocados

Avocados have high amounts of antioxidants, fiber, and healthy unsaturated fats. Introduce your kids to this yummy food by putting it in their sandwiches.  It's definitely a “super food”, and can be utilized in many ways for your family, from face masks to guacamole.

As long as you try to incorporate more fresh produce of any type at dinner, you're doing a lot to promote healthier lifestyles to your children. Start with these ten fruits and vegetables, experiment with recipes, and have fun!
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Beat The Cancer Cell By Having A Cup Of Green Tea Daily

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Tea is an aromatic drink prepared by pouring hot water over cured leaves of the tea plant named camellia sinensis which is the widely consumed drink after water and is a part of our everyday life. In this modern world, eco-friendly tea such as green tea is becoming popular because of its high concentration of antioxidants and immune boosting powers.  This tea has become one of the traditional diet plan practices by the Chinese with Japanese in the past few decades as it has many health benefits.
Beat The Cancer Cell By Having A Cup Of Green Tea Daily
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Why Only green tea?
About 5,000 years ago this tea has found in china and other parts of asia.It came from the plant camella sinesis and are made by drying the leaves of the plant. This tea contains 10 times more antioxidants than the average vegetable or fruit including various flavanoids , EGCG and polyphenols. Now a day it is accessible in various flavors and it is a healthy beverage compare to soda, coffee and juice. People are less likely to have stroke and heart disease who drinks two or more cups of this tea each day.

Importance of green tea:
It has anti-cancer nutrients and is better than coffee or coca cola. The anti oxidant present in this tea has more benefits than resveratrol which is found in red wine. It smoothens the skin as it aids to remove the unwanted toxins and wastes from the body which promotes the life with fewer complications in the entire body. It will delay the onset of wrinkles and helps to look younger.

Health benefits of green tea:
This tea contains of strong antioxidants to avoid cancers. It aids to reduce the risks of pancreas, colon, rectum, bladder and stomach cancer up to 60%.Epigallocatechingallate is the main anti-oxidant present in this tea which is up to 25% more effectivein protecting the cells from harmful influences and has 100% more anti-oxidant power than vitamin C.It also helps to remove the present cancer cells and leave the healthy cells intact. Few more healthy benefits are there:

•    It balances the amount of good cholesterols (HDL) and lowers the bad cholesterols (LDL).
•    It helps in avoiding the strokes and heart attacks by preventing the formation of blood clots which may cause thrombosis.
•    It aids in decreasing the blood pressure.
•    It prevents from type-two diabetes by effectively reducing the sugar content in blood.
•    It also protects the liver from hazardous chemicals and dangerous toxic contained in cigarettes.
•    It also aids in preventing the free radicals from ageing you prematurely.

Facts about green tea tablets:
This is usually touted as a natural medicine for many health related problems. The supplements contain extract of this tea, a substance shown to be in rich in antioxidants. The EGCGis one of the most useful elements in this tea which is extracted and put into the tablet form. It has many pros such as it helps you to look younger by promoting the longevity due to its antioxidants which aids to reverse the aging process. There are many other supplements which contain theanine which produce a calming effect.

In other words, the tea is a natural antiseptic that relieves swelling and itching. Drink the tea freshly without adding milk and sugar as it keeps the nutrition contents in tea. This tea is seen in many moisturizers and sunscreens as it helps to block the sun-triggered skin cancer.
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5 Great Apps to Find Great Restaurant Near You

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As a restaurant owner, you know that online reviews of your restaurant are critical to your success. Restaurant guide apps are especially important, because people use them when they’re on-the-go to find a place to eat - right at the time they’re hungry and ready for food. Monitoring your reviews and profiles on these apps can help ensure that your restaurant sees the success it deserves.

LocalEats is one of the coolest restaurant guide apps, and many people - especially those who are “foodies” - use it to help them find the best restaurants nearby. LocalEats only lists small businesses - there are no national chains in their directory. Because of this, it helps people narrow their search down to one-of-a-kind spots and hidden gems. If you’re a restaurant owner, you definitely want to watch your ratings and reviews from users of this app.

Yelp is the most popular app for finding restaurants, so you can’t afford not to monitor it. The sheer number of Yelp users makes it likely that you’ll see most of your reviews from customers on this site. It’s important that you claim your Yelp listing on the website, so that you’re able to add or correct information in your restaurant’s profile or respond to reviews. This is an app that people everywhere will be using for a long time in order to find new, great places to eat.

Image is licensed under CC Attribution

UrbanSpoon is another of the most popular apps for finding restaurants. Diners can check out restaurants nearby, read reviews, and preview their menus. Once again, “foodies” in particular love this app, so it’s even more important for you to monitor your reviews on it to make sure that you’re keeping the users of UrbanSpoon happy with your restaurant, food, and service.

FoodSpotting is an app with a unique approach to restaurant-finding. It has reviews and many of the same features as other apps, but it’s primary focus is on user-submitted photos of restaurants and their food. Users can take photos of their dishes and post to the site. You definitely want to make sure that your restaurant has a good image - literally. This app can help you improve the visual appeal of your food. If plating is something you give very high priority to in your restaurant, this app is one you want to monitor in particular.

OpenTable is a great app because it allows users to make reservations directly from the app in real-time. If you want people to be able to make reservations for your restaurant, you should contact the OpenTable management team through their website so you can find out how to become a part of things. OpenTable also supports user reviews and ratings. Giving diners the ability to make reservations automatically can increase the chances that they’ll dine with you.

There are other restaurant guide apps that people might use, of course, so it never hurts to explore your profile on as many apps as possible - just make sure you focus on these five!
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Garrett Payne is an online review management professional with a special interest in restaurant review tracking. Garrett encourages people to profile these apps to ensure that your restaurant sees the success it deserves.