Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Frugal Removal Gifts

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Well, it’s time to say goodbye to old friends and neighbors. If you have been lucky enough to have developed a good relationship with your neighbors it’s nice to be able to say goodbye and leave them something to remember you by, when the day comes for the removal van to drive away. Moving home can be expensive however, and in an effort to reduce costs many of us may be tempted to slink away in the dead of night to spare awkward blushes and goodbyes. This does not need to happen.

With some careful though and inventiveness  frugal ,yet considerate gifts can be created in your home using up items you no longer want or need and at the same time  reducing  the amount of stuff you need to move to your new home.

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Home interior products
Image Credit: phoenixcfp.com.au
Plants –lovingly cared for plants can also make both a wonderful and welcome gift to give to your new neighbor .Just trim and tidy them beforehand and ensure the pot is clean and fresh too .Plants can be difficult and are not cost always easy to move either so unless they are truly irreplaceable, it’s best to leave them in your old home or gift them away.

Pictures and Paintings –Do you having a painting hanging in your spare room? Are you sick of looking at it? Did you create a ‘wonderful ‘masterpiece in an art class that no longer interests you or have you received one as a present and you really don’t like? Why not taking moving home to East London as an opportunity to leave that painting behind and create a fresh gift for a neighbor .Just a quick dust and clean and you will have a lovely personal gift.

Home Baking /Sweet Making –When moving home many of us are tempted to throw out half finished bags of flour and baking goods .Why not take the opportunity to create cakes and biscuits using all your store cupboard ingredients? Create some lovely cakes and then simply decorate and give to your neighbor. Get rid of even more home clutter by packing biscuits and container in decorated containers and boxes from your home, for example a decorated jam jar can look really decorative when tied with a lovely ribbon.
Cushion Covers
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Ornaments/DVDs and CDs –Collect together any ornaments, DVDs and CDs that you do not want to take to your new home .Give them a good dust and clean so that they look as good as new. Simple wrap in tissue paper and place in an appropriate box .Alternatively wrap in newspapers and tie artistically to create a themed moving present. The box with ribbon which can be bought cheaply at any discount store. They will look unique and will make a lovely gift.

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Cushion Covers – do you have sewing skills? More than likely your curtains will not fit your new home either due to size or colour .While you may be tempted to drop them off at the charity shop why not create cushion covers, table cloths  or artistic handbags from them ? These are simple and easy to make and always a welcome gift.

Finally just before moving why not have a leaving party and serve up the contents of your food cupboard and freezer to your guests? Use this as an opportunity to say your goodbyes and also hand out your various gifts while at the same time not wasting food and drink that may otherwise have perished.

Leave your comments and suggestions below.
Rizwan Ahmad
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Six Great Vegetarian Appetizers for Your Next Party

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Entertaining guests who don’t eat meat can be a challenge, unless you find tasty recipes that will delight both meat-eaters and vegetarians. When you don’t know the dietary preferences of your guests, going vegetarian is a safe choice that will satisfy all and make them want to come back for more.

Crostini With Eggplant Caponata
Martha Stewart suggests this one for your next holiday party or get-together. This recipe uses pine nuts, raisins, eggplant, tomatoes, vinegar and cocoa powder to enhance create a complex, tangy dish. Served on the crostini, this recipe can be found here.
Image Credit: vermontcreamery.com
Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms
This delicious recipe for stuffed mushrooms uses these products to lend a rich, cheesy flavor and crunchy texture to the mushroom stuffing. Make sure you make plenty of these, because guests will want several servings of these tasty, bite-sized hors d’oeuvres.

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Image Credit: s3.amazonaws.com
Asparagus and Ricotta Toasts
This dish from Gerard Craft combines fresh, light ricotta cheese with sauteed asparagus tossed with lemon and served on toast rounds. Find the recipe here.
Image Credit: inspiredtaste.net
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
This sophisticated (but easy-to-make!) dish is a departure from the traditional deviled egg. Chopped smoked salmon adds a savory touch to this fun appetizer. Find the recipe on Food & Wine.
Image Credit: recipegirl.com
Pie Bites Stuffed with Fig Preserves and Brie
This unusual dish will delight everyone, from kids to meat-eaters and everyone in between. Originally from Joy the Baker, these bites make a delightful snack as well as party appetizer. In the form of a cute mini-pie, this dish will awe your guests and charm their palettes. Get the recipe here.

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Image Credit: hipfoodiemom.com
Zucchini Fries With Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
Not fried, but oven-baked, these veggie fries are perfect for a party with kids. Originally from Epicurious, these healthy and delicious fries pair well with a ranch dipping sauce. This is a perfect dish for summer, when fresh zucchini is available everywhere. You can get the recipe here. If you don't have time to make the dressing, don’t worry—using store-bought ranch is just fine!
Image Source
It can be stressful to create a menu to suit everyone’s dietary preferences, so going vegetarian with your appetizers—and even a few entrees—is typically a safe choice which no one will object to. The above-listed appetizers are accessible enough to appeal to all palettes, yet bold enough to be memorable.

Your guests will remember your party—and the delicious food there—for years to come.
Rizwan Ahmad
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This article is contributed by Emma Sturgis and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of myfoodforu blog He is a blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on  the different topics related to food, travel, fashion etc.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reinvigorating Your Life and Home With Cleaning

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It’s important to consider what we have and what we do and decide if it’s time for change. We will often contemplate changing things to tray and enhances our life and surroundings. This could be anything from buying new furniture to looking for a new job. This feeling often comes at certain time as the weather improves and nature itself is refreshed.

One things we can do at this time to shake things up, enrich our lives and prepare us for the rest of the year is house cleaning. Going through our home, sorting, and tidying our goods lets us reflect on the past and prepare for the future. It is not an easy process though, as you will be facing a thorough cleaning job. There is a lot to do and consider, so read on for helpful advice.
Home Cleaning
Image Credit: rainbow-nyc.com
The first thing you need to do for such a complex process is plan everything out. You need to consider all that you have to do and what you will need in order for things to go well. Take in account each room you plan to clean and how long it should take sort and clean it. Work out what cleaning supplies you will need and purchase them in bulk so you have enough. Write up a schedule to keep you on track and you won’t have to worry about rushing, forgetting or ignoring any steps or rooms. You can assign tasks and rooms to the people in your abode so everyone has their own job to tackle.

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There is a lot of equipment you can need for a big home cleaning ask so you should procure everything in advance. Paper towels and cloths are essential for wiping and cleaning goods, so you should stock up on them. Having plenty of waste disposal bags will make it easy to throw old items and used cloths away. Polish and detergents will help you to make things look their best and to remove stains. A good vacuum cleaner will ensure your floors are a clean and a handheld vacuum can help you remove dirt, dust and hair from all sorts of areas and items.
Cleaning with towels
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House cleaning isn’t just about washing things but also getting rid of items you no longer need. You may have goods that have become damaged, have been replaced, are just taking up space, are no longer necessary, etc. Keeping hold of such goods just makes your home cluttered and can increase the amount of cleaning work you have to do. When sorting your goods, consider if you really need things and if not get rid of them.

You can dispose of old items in a number of ways, with throwing them away the simplest. Put things atonalistic bags as you work and you can do this easily. If you have many good or you are disposing or large items such as furniture, consider hiring a skip. Another option is to recycle these goods. Take thins to your local recycling bins or put them with your regular recycling pick up. Contact your community recycling depot to see what thy can take from you and they may even pick up items.

It’s worth remembering that some goods are still usable even if you don’t need them so see of friends and family are sorted in such items or donate them to a charity store. You can also sell these goods at second-hand stores, care boot sales, online and more to make a little bit of money.

House cleaning can bring many advantages to your life, so follow these steps for a successful home clean.
Rizwan Ahmad
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This article is contributed by Christine smith and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of myfoodforu blog He is a blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on  the different topics related to Home Improvements,  travel, food etc.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

How to Create a Spa Experience at Home

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Most of us are seasoned multi-taskers. We handle irate bosses, stressful meetings and crazy client dealings with the same composure with which we handle wailing babies, grumpy spouses and hour-long cooking sessions. But sometimes, we invest so much time and energy in juggling all of these activities that we forget to invest time in ourselves.

We must remember that we are not machines, that one day all the stress and exhaustion will lead to a burnout. Hence, it is necessary to take some time off to pamper ourselves and unwind. What better way to do this than to indulge in a relaxing spa experience?

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Fret not, for you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to indulge in an exotic spa experience. You can enjoy a spa experience right where you are, in your home! How do you this? Well, read on to find out.
Create a Spa Experience at Home
Image Courtesy: royalpalmshotel.com

Create the Ambience:
The rooms inside a spa are designed to help you unwind. Create a similar ambience by dimming the lights, surrounding your bath tub with aromatic candles, playing soothing music and cutting off noise and distractions of any kind. Keep the phone off the hook, your cell phone on silent and even place a ‘DND’ sign outside your door if you have too. Remember, this is an hour or two that you have set aside for yourself and no one has the right to rob you of even a minute.
Image Courtesy: 3.bp.blogspot.com

Use sweet-smelling, luxurious products:
We end up feeling like a million bucks after a day at the spa because of all those fragrant, exquisite products that are used. So, bring home a couple of such products and set them aside only for spa days. It’s worth it to invest in these products as they’ll last you a while, allowing you to enjoy a de-stressing spa whenever you feel like.

The Body Shop.in offers quality spa products like aromatic massage oils, body balms, hands & foot butter, scrubs and cream massagers. The best part about these products is that they’re organic and of the finest quality. Check out these products here: The Body Shop.in Spa Products.

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Massage, Moisturize and Care for your Entire Body:
Spend enough time caring for your hair, face and body. Start by massaging your scalp with a good hair oil. Oil hair stands and tips as well. Next, massage you body with a fragrant oil. Pay attention to rough areas like your elbows, knees, heels and toes. Let the oil stay on your body for half an hour. During this half an hour, let your body relax by lying down on a plastic sheet and listening to soothing music. Cover your eyes with cotton swabs soaked in rose water.
Massage, Moisturize and Care for your Entire Body
Image Courtesy: bridalguide.com
To clean your body and hair, sink into bathtub filled with warm water. Use a good shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. For your body, use an exfoliating body scrub, like the Body Shop Olive Body Scrub to cleanse your pores and smoothen skin. Take as much time as you want to do this, as the point is to enjoy the wonderful fragrances and the comforting warm water.

Once you’ve finished in the bathtub, towel-dry yourself and slip into a luxurious terrycloth bathrobe. Apply a good hand cream like The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream and a foot cream like The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector.

Indulge in Relaxing Activities:
Spend your spa day indulging in relaxing activities like reading your favorite book, watching your favorite movie or movies, lunching on a scrumptious meal, sipping chilled wine, etc. Invite your friends over if you’re in the mood for some friendly banter. However, avoid tiring yourself or stressing yourself out too much as this is your day for feeling like a queen.
Relaxing Activities
Image Courtesy: blog.21drops.com
Well, hope these tips help you enjoy a calming, rejuvenating spa experience at home. Remember, with a little time and thought, even the simplest of experiences can be made to feel exotic. Have a wonderful spa day!
Rizwan Ahmad
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This article is contributed by cherylanne and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of myfoodforu blog He is a blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on  the different topics related to food, travel, health & beauty, fashion etc.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Small Kitchen Decoration Tips That Make a Big Difference

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Our kitchen is one of the most important and practical rooms around a home, plus the place where we cook most of our meals, spend our time and share recipes and tasty morsels. There is a lot to be desired for a kitchen, especially in terms of decorations of your small kitchen, since its often too ignore to even mention it in a general conversation. There are many ways you can improve that however, as we will point out up next in the following tips:
Small Kitchen Decoration Tips
Image Credit: pottyflipusa.com
You need to start by decluttering your kitchen of all the items you're not planning on using. Yopu should take good, long look and figure out what you believe you may not need in the coming months and even years. If you haven't used something in a really long time, then you may need to find a way to get rid of it to free up some space. You can gain a lot by even removing a few items in general, so even if you can't do so, then you can find new and creative ways to store them in the kitchen, as long as they are either out of sight or they act as natural decorations.
decluttering your kitchen
Image Credit: interiordesigninspiration.net
•    You should focus on using different colors to change the way the kitchen looks, as well as its mood. You can create a completely new environment by simply accenting a few colors, putting a few small touches and making it all cozy and warm or austere and minimalistic. Make sure you avoid the typical hospital white color, as it will only make the place look completely unwelcoming and unpleasant. Stick to natural colors, warm tones and elements for a more wholesome and pleasant experience.

using different colors in your kitchen
Image Credit: snaidero-usa.com
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•    Adding some flowers and plants as well as floral elements to the kitchen will be an excellent choice, especially if you have a family and kids to take care of. These will have a chance to appeal to a larger amount of people around your household. You should make sure your choices try to make the place look more friendly to the eye as well as pleasing to behold. Sometimes even a small change can create a vibrant impression, turning a boring old kitchen into something you'd only see in a journal. Use your imagination and do your best to adapt the kitchen to your choices.
Adding some flowers and plants in the kitchen
Image Source: Wordpress
•    You can add or change your fridge magnets to create some daily messages, something creative or you can just go with the proven and funny ways of magnetic poetry. Believe it or not, nothing can turn a boring old fridge into something amazing, especially if guests come over and leave their own creative poetry.

Share with us, how you are going to decorate your small kitchen? in the comments below.
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Christine is a dedicated blogger, copywriter and a problem solver who loves what she’s doing and gets inspiration from traveling around the world and meeting new people. Right now she is focused on writing about home improvement, gardening and moving related matters , always trying to meet her customers’ needs. Her latest article describes how you can easily decorate your kitchen.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Opening a Restaurant - Five Essentials You May Be Overlooking

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One of the most challenging and fun experiences an entrepreneur can have is the opening of a restaurant. Ownership of a restaurant can be by turns maddening, stimulating, and a great career choice. However, it's important for owners to know the essentials of running a restaurant before making the crucial step of opening for business, and here are five things owners should have prepared before opening day.
Opening a Restaurant
Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk
An Unbiased Attitude
Running a restaurant as an owner can be very difficult. This is why it is essential to remain unbiased when managing a business: favoritism can quickly destroy a restaurant's chain of command and stress out everyone from the chefs to the wait staff. While it may be difficult for managers to fire staff, especially if family or friends are employed by the restaurant, it is imperative that everyone in a business pulls their weight, regardless of how well-liked they are.

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Be Humble
Although Gordon Ramsay would have us believe otherwise, there is very little room for ego in a restaurant. When something is not working, owners need to acknowledge the problem promptly and then take steps to change it. If customers consistently do not like the food the restaurant serves, the owner needs to be able to change the menu quickly and with consideration for their customer base. Having staff that can admit mistakes will be a restaurateur’s greatest asset.

Be Clean
As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. It is essential that restaurant owners keep their property in sparkling condition. An unhealthy environment is simply bad for customers, and it is unethical for a restaurant to jeopardize their employees’ and clients' health. Managers and owners should always invest in top-quality cleaning tools and supplies.

Be Safe
When running a restaurant, owners should be sure that staff and customer safety are given first priority. A Vancouver fire and safety specialist from Nutech Safety Ltd says that clear safety exits, fire extinguishers, operational smoke detectors, and first aid kits are essentials for any restaurant. Kitchens where there will be open flames and hot oil (which most restaurants will have) require a staff well-trained in safety procedures and preventative measures.

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Have Fun
Running a restaurant is not easy. The hours can be long, and customer demands can test an owner's patience. This is why a fun attitude can go a long way in the restaurant business. Keeping everything in perspective and realizing that you're living your dream career is a great way for you to keep your cool when the pressure is on.

For these reasons, running a restaurant can be a great and profitable experience for owners. While there are challenges hiding around every corner, the strength and competence developed from restaurant ownership often leads to success in future projects.

Share with us how you would like to start your own restaurant in the comments below?
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This article is contributed by Emma Sturgis and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of myfoodforu blog He is a blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on  the different topics related to food, travel, health and beauty etc.